The future is digital.. the Nwanyi Oma collection by presents a story of the future and the past; my future and my past. I express the desire to hide and be seen, simultaneously, and the hesitations to treasure true beauty and strength while exploring the sui generis nature of individuality. I am my own muse. My thoughts and truths inspire me and express the universal struggle for identity – a merging of inner worlds with the textures of reality. My works show my facial features interwoven with patterns that reflect my powerful heritage and African culture.

By the Somi Effect

To see her work live:

Checkout The UNMASKED Art Exhibition at the Wheatbaker Hotel, Lagos, Nigeria. March 10th – May 4th.

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Self in Glory

Source: @thesomieffect

Self on Secrets

Source: @thesomieffect

Self with poise

I am meeting parts of myself I’ve been at war with and emerging into something new.

Source: @thesomieffect

Self unseen

Digital print on canvas So many, I have been, but here lies the scariest of them all- sketched with soul, Strokes of limitless, And fearlessly carved- A portrait with my true colours. - Somi N.

Source: @thesomieffect

Self in Side-Eye

When you've learned to both see and not see the resemblance...then you see the uniqueness.

Source: @thesomieffect

Self in daze

Digital Print on Canvas

Source: @thesomieffect

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