Here are 65 things you’ve always wanted to know about Slaylebrity Richard Branson.

01. When is Richard Branson’s Birthday?
July 18th, he was born in 1950
2. How old is Richard Branson? 
He is 65
3. Where was Richard Branson born? Blackheath, London
4. What is Richard Branson’s full name? Richard Charles Nicholas Branson
5. Where does Richard Branson live? Necker Island
6. Where is Richard Branson’s island? Necker Island is in the British Virgin Islands
7. Is Richard Branson married?
Yes, to Joan Templeman. They were married on Necker Island on December 20th, 1989
8. Does Richard Branson have children? Yes, he has two, a daughter Holly and a son Sam. He is also a father-in-law to Freddie and Isabella
9. Is Richard Branson a grandfather? Yes, he is a grand-dude to three grandchildren – twins babies Artie and Etta, and baby Eva-Deia
10. How tall is Richard Branson?
5 feet 11
11. Is Richard Branson’s hair real?
Yes, those luscious locks are all his!
12. What time does Richard Branson wake up? Around 5:30am
13. What time does Richard Branson go to sleep? Around 11pm
14. How many cups of tea does Richard Branson drink a day?
Sometimes upwards of 20!
15. How does Richard Branson drink his tea? White with no sugar
16. What is Richard Branson’s favourite food? He loves his wife’s stews, shepherds pie or a Great British roast dinner, but you won’t find beef on his plate
17. What is Richard Branson’s favourite sandwich? Egg on brown bread
18. How can I contact Richard Branson? The best way to get in contact is via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn or Google+
19. How many social media followers does Richard Branson have? More than 24 million, across seven platforms
20. Does Richard Branson use social media? Yes, his favourite is Twitter
21. What is Richard Branson’s Twitter? @richardbranson       
22. What is Richard Branson Facebook? Richard Branson
23. What is Richard Branson’s Instagram? @richardbranson 
24. What type of phone does Richard Branson use? He has recently swapped from a Blackberry to an iPhone 6, so he can snap better pictures
25. Did Richard Branson go to university? No, he left high school at 15 to pursue journalism and business
26. How old was Richard Branson when he first started out in business? He was 15, the business was Student magazine
27. Why is Richard Branson famous? Richard Branson has become well known as the Founder of the Virgin brand. Over the years he has been the face of countless advertisements and promotions and been behind hundreds of new businesses. Find out more about him on Richard’s blog
28. What Virgin company did Richard Branson start first? Virgin Mail Order 
29. Why did Richard Branson name his business Virgin? There were a number of contenders, with ‘Slipped Disc’ proving popular, but then someone suggested Virgin, as they were all complete virgins (at business!) They all laughed, and the name stuck.
30. Which achievement is Richard Branson most proud of? He’s not one to play favourites, but often cites going from running a record label to building an airline with Virgin Atlantic as the accomplishment he looks back on most fondly.
31. Has Richard Branson ever failed in business? Many times. From Virgin Cola to Virgin Brides to Virgin Cars, there are a number of Virgin businesses no longer around today
32. Has Richard Branson ever been bankrupt? He came close on several occasions in the past, notably before selling Virgin Records to keep Virgin Atlantic afloat
33. How can I work for Richard Branson? Check out the jobs section on
34. How can I pitch to Richard Branson? The best way is to get in contact via social media, competitions such as Pitch To Rich, or attend events where Richard Branson is speaking
35. When did Richard Branson receive his knighthood? He was awarded Knight Bachelor of the Order of the British Empire in the 2000 Queen’s Millennium New Years Honours List for his services to entrepreneurship. While some call him Sir Richard Branson, he much prefers plain old Richard
36. What is Richard Branson favourite charity? The Virgin Group’s non-profit entrepreneurial foundation, Virgin Unite
37. What does Richard Branson drive? Life on Necker Island sees Richard often drive a golf buggy or ride around on his electric bike
38. What was Richard Branson’s first car? A 1968 British Morris Mini-Minor
39. What is Richard Branson’s favourite sport? It’s a tie between tennis and kitesurfing. He has a mean tennis serve!
But he sure loves football see photo below of Branson celebrating the English team when they scored at the olympics 2018.
40. Has Richard Branson run a marathon? Yes, he ran the Virgin Money London Marathon in 2010, dressed as a butterfly
41. Is Richard Branson in the Guinness Book of Records? Yes seven times, the most recent inclusion saw him get four people up on a kiteboard
42. Does Richard Branson have a hobby? Many. He especially likes to play chess
43. Does Richard Branson practice meditation or yoga? Yes, yoga and Thai Chi keep him focused
44. What movies has Richard Branson been in? Casino Royale, Around the World in 80 Days, Men In Black III and Superman Returns
45. What TV shows has Richard Branson appeared on? The Simpsons, Friends, Cribs, Baywatch, Only Fool’s And Horses, Goodness Gracious Me, and The Rebel Billionaire: Branson’s Quest for the Best
46. Does Richard Branson watch TV? Rarely, but when he does it’s news or documentaries. He enjoys visiting the cinema and watching films on Virgin in-flight entertainment.
47. What is Richard Branson’s favourite book? Stalingrad by Antony Beevor, Wild Swans by Jung Chang, and The Quiet American by Graham Greene
48. What was Richard Branson’s favourite childhood book? Swallows and Amazons by Arthur Ransome, Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak, and Tales of the Unexpected by Roald Dahl
49. Has Richard Branson written a book? Seven: The Virgin Way, Like a Virgin, Screw Business As Usual, Reach For The Skies, Business Stripped Bare, Screw It, Let’s Do It and his autobiography Losing My Virginity
50. Does Richard Branson have a blog? Yes, check it out at
51. Where can I write to Richard Branson? Drop him a note on Facebookor Twitter
52. What is Richard Branson’s best trick for jet lag? He tries to always regulate his sleeping hours and get as much sunshine as possible
53. What music does Richard Branson listen to? His favourite musicians are Peter Gabriel and Mike Oldfield and his favourite band is The Sex Pistols.
54. Where does Richard Branson holiday? He loves to visit South Africa, Bali, Australia, and Kenya
55. What is the one thing that Richard Branson carries every day? His notebook
56. What is Richard Branson’s favourite outfit? He is a jeans and white shirt, or board shorts and t-shirt type of guy
57. Does Richard Branson own a yacht? Yes, the Necker Belle – you can hire the catamaran
58. Did Richard Branson live on a houseboat? Yes, he lived on theDuende during the 1980s, it can still be seen in the canals of Little Venice in London, near Virgin Management’s Battleship Building offices
59. Does Richard Branson have dyslexia? Yes. His dyslexia made his time at school hard, but he has used it to his advantage in business
60. Who is Richard Branson’s hero? His mother, Eve Branson and Nelson Mandela
61. Why is Richard Branson called “Dr. Yes”? His motto is, “Life is more interesting when you say yes!”
62. How would Richard Branson describe himself in three words? Adventurous, curious and fun-loving
63. What is Richard Branson’s favourite saying? “Screw it, let’s do it!”
64. What is Richard Branson’s favourite quote? “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” – African Proverb
65. When will Richard Branson retire? He has no plans to retire. He now spends most of his time working on not-for-profit initiatives 

Source: Virgin

He sure Loves Football

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