“You think that what is real is what is seen before you – what you can reach out and touch, what appears to be solid, strong, eternal.  You do not realise that the only true reality of things is their essence, regardless of their form. Look always to this essence; look past the form, through to the essence where you will find the heart of that element or being. Then you will be permeating to a level which is of wonder and joy, and it is this that is the true reality.
Rich is the opening and blossoming of a red rose; the tiny movements of the smallest caterpillar; the gliding of a bird’s wings as it soars above the trees. Rich is the sparkling of the sun on the water, a jewel of gold in nature. Rich is the kernel of truth in the nut of challenge; rich is the needs behind the questions asked from within.  Rich is the essence not the form; the relationship not the appearance, the guidance not the direction.
The real meaning of rich is the quiet and unutterably still sense of Me within you, that in its own quiet way relentlessly requests you to move towards Me. Rich is the step you take nearer Me, the path on which you place that step, and the woods where the path is found.
Rich is the holding chalice, and the never-ending well from which to sip; the mouth that drinks and the body that thirsts. Richness is who I AM, pouring through you and all life, requesting only that you allow Me to flow, flow and flow again so that I can bring my tender Love to touch all you flowers doing My work in the world.
Be still and know that I AM, for that is where you shall find Me – in the exquisite rich silence of the connected point. Join with me and let the flow happen.”
I invite you to take a moment now to stop. Just notice your breath – going in, coming out. Consider what rich really means to you. Maybe even take more than a moment, and become very clear indeed what it means to you. You might be surprised! Please feel free to post below what the real meaning of rich is for you.

By Wild Wisdom

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In layman's terms Rich means you have more paper than someone else

In Slay mans terms Rich means you put your paper to better use affording you the the freedom to LIVE!

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