Ok, words cannot express the level of slayage that our top slay family possess.

We will let these photos from The Mischka Aoki family speak for themselves.

One thing is for sure they love balmain.

Checkout these picks from Concierge to replicate this slay families look

The honorable white cape (size 8,10,16): $6052.6
Summer beauty dress: size 1-16 $3370.8

Embroidered tartan wool jacket: size 6-10 – $10279.76
Slim fit cropped wool blazer size 6 and 8:$2573.66
Crepe double breasted blazer for women size: 34-46 : $4414.1

Includes complimentary VIP worldwide shipping.

Contact concierge at sales@slaynetwork.co.uk to get any of the above


When your son is just too fly

When Private is the only option

The honorable white cape

The slay lifestyle

Luxe living

Mini mi and Mama

The honorable white cape and a stunning white dress

Embroidered tartan wool jacket

Slim fit cropped wool blazer

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