If you’re looking to start a new business, the U.S. may not be the best place.
While it is home to some ambitious entrepreneurs, it turns out the U.S. is one of the hardest countries in which to start a business. You may have better luck in Canada, which has a low volume of new businesses, according to new research from Expert Market.
Botswana, Malta and Timor-Leste are the three countries with the most determined entrepreneurs. Individuals starting up in Botswana are the most determined, given that launching a business there can take up to 48 working days or more than nine weeks.

From Azerbaijan to Afghanistan, the new research also reveals the 15 countries with the most missed opportunities. The U.S. falls on this list, while entrepreneurs in China and Russia, for example, are more likely to seize opportunities.

To find out where you should launch your next venture, check out Expert Market’s infographic below.

By Entrepreneur.com

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Where's the best country to launch your new venture?

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The 15 countries with the most determined entrepreneurs

The 15 countries with the most missed opportunities

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