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3 Signs you will be rich Part II

Market yourself, Take Risks

13 thoughts on “3 Signs you will be rich Part 1”

  1. 25 December 2016 in ‘business’

  2. matt baba says:

    I want to know what it take for me to bee rich

  3. Kyrian Okeke says:

    Hey, I would love to know what and how to be rich

    1. Dolly says:

      Just believe in urself… Go tru ur past
      Compare it with ur present
      Then work on how ur future will be better than ur past nd present
      Nobody can do it better than you….. Clear that negative mindset
      associate yourself with pple who Ve made it in a legal way
      Time waits for no one

    2. Adaobi Okoye says:

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  4. ADEWUMI FEMI says:

    How can I get the full details of your publications

    1. Slay Network says:

      Click on the link if your looking for a mentor, watch the video and follow the steps
      I want a mentor please

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  5. Bukola says:

    What can ibe rich

  6. Israel says:

    I want a mentor

    1. Slay Network says:

      Please click the link: I want a mentor

      Watch the video and Follow the steps

  7. eric jordan says:

    Its really amazing, really love this so much

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