One must remain dignified and keep a stiff upper lip at all times, probably reads the age-old rules of royal etiquette. And absolutely no touching.
But even slaylebrities can slip up occasionally with all the excitement of meeting royalty. And the same can also be said of certain members of the royal family too. (We’relooking at you, Queen Elizabeth II, while curtseying, obviously.)
Here’s 11 slaylebrities looking completely awestruck in front of Kate Middy and co, and vice versa.

By Harper’s Bazaar

Cara Delevigne meets Prince Charles and Camilla

Being spawn from aristocratic stock means Cara can guffaw as wide-mouthed and haughtily as she likes. (Plus, Camilla probably just shared a cracking gag)

Reese Witherspoon meets Kate Middleton

Kate's so getting an invite to Reese's place in the Hamptons

Keanu Reeves meets Princess Beatrice

Keanu's keeping cool as a cucumber (as usual), but Eugenie has gone as red as her frock. Not that we can blame her.

Beyoncé meets Kate Middleton

Queen Bey is basically royalty, so meeting the Duchess was no biggie. They both played it cool

LeBron James meets Kate Middleton and Prince William (and breaks the no-touching rule)

Forget that he's clearly breaching protocol with the cosy hug - those sweat patches should not be touching that expensive dry-clean only coat.

Leonardo DiCaprio and Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie

A very, very young Leo looks completely nonplussed by meeting two princesses, but the same probably can't be said for Eugenie and Beatrice. (Watch that hand, Bea)

Jennifer Garner meets Kate Middleton

We've just found ourselves the perfect actress to play Kate Middleton in a future biopic

Nicole Kidman meets Prince William

"And my dance moves went a bit like this"

Tom Cruise meets Prince Philip

Chill out Cruise, it's not like you're meeting royalty or anything.

Jennifer Lopez and mother Guadalupe meets Kate and Wills

Because even famous people can sometimes be a little embarrassed by their parents

Kanye West and P Diddy meet Prince Harry

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