Sisiano for Slay is an eclectic and bespoke collection designed by the Talented Italian Nigerian Designer Sisiano. These pieces are not to be missed. Hurry now as they are extremely limited.

Stunning Elba Prescooli

I loathe Narcissism but I approve of Vanity! Sisiano for Slay- Sexy and demure get it now from Slay my look collection @ Inner lace top not included. @elbaprescooli @scoutingdivision


Absolutely gorgeous

Inner lace top not included

Luxury fashion for luxury women

Sisiano for slay look 01-03

Elba Prescoolis take on this red number

Find it at the slay my look collection


Sultry one


Glamorous Slay Angel Kess

Clothes aren't going to change the world - the women who wear them will. Sisiano for slay Nightingale available at Slay my look

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  1. Janet Kirkland says:

    Slay or be slated that’s what I say!

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