“Go for it Kathy, bring me a creampie, please, baby.”
I cupped the phone in my palm. Our hotel bar was busy, so I went unheard by all except my lover standing beside me.
“I’m still at the bar, hun. We’re working out details.”
“I’m stressed, waiting for you.”
“You told me to stay, fuck him, then come back to you.”
“I’m conflicted.”
“I’m sorry, baby, but Nigel’s fucking me tonight and you’ll clean up later. We’re agonising over this fantasy no longer.”
“Ooh, I love it when you’re slutty, Kathy.”
“I know, my darling cuck, just be ready and leave a do-not-disturb sign on our door, so I don’t have to.”
“Go for it Kathy, bring me a creampie, please, baby.”
I turned off the phone. My hotwife ascension deserved no further distraction because I was nervous enough.
“Last minute cold feet, Kathy?”
“Steve will be fine once I deliver him your cream.”
“Is that his thing? Eating a lover’s cum out of his wife’s pussy?”
“Among other things. Now, where were we?”
“I was fingering your pussy while you pretended nothing’s going on.”
“Okay, let’s carry on, but can you lick your fingers first, please?”
Nigel licked his digits in the crudest manner possible, knowing it turned me on and that my lady liquor was already past panty saturation and now dribbled down my thighs.
“I lubricated you already.”
“I enjoy watching you feast.”
“Naughty girl.”
He sidled up, brushing my lips gently with his, electrifying, while darting his tongue inside my mouth. It was subterfuge, so he could slide two fingers into my crotch, unnoticed, parting my labia before circling both digits inside my hole, harvesting more juice to quench his appetite.
“I love your flavour.”
“I’m ovulating, and taste different at this time of the month.”
“Trying to attract me?”
“It worked.”

When I snuck back to my husband, it was late, but worth it. It was my husband’s turn to devour the feast he’d desired for so long.
“Hi baby.”
I rifled my fingers through his hair, kneeling on the floor beside Steve, who lay peacefully in our bed, until I gently woke him from a deep sleep.
He rubbed his eyes, sleepily.
“Hi hun, did you have a good time? I stayed awake as long as I could.”
“Nigel was great. Can you slide around please, so your head is at the foot of the bed?”
“Yeah, sure. Fucking hell Kathy, I can’t wait, babe.”
I helped my husband move, pleased at how quickly his flaccid six inches rose for my mouth.
“Let me undress. I’ll do my knickers last because I’m soaked.”
“Just like we planned, hun.”
I leaned into my husband’s groin, placing a hand on either side of his erect cock. I planted one knee on either side of his head, straddling my pussy over his tongue and lips.
“You’re dribbling — tastes wonderful. Can you come lower, please?”
While I descended, he wrapped his arms around my ass, pulling me harder into his face. His lips enveloped mine, electrifying my pussy while his tongue darted into my hole, harvesting his prize.
“Umm, baby?”
“I can taste you, but not him.”
“Sorry Steve, his cum isn’t there.”
“Why not?”
A movement from the shadows revealed my surprise.
“Hi Steve, I’m Nigel.”
My lover waved nervously at my husband.
“W-what, the f-fuck, Kathy.”
“We thought you might prefer a fresh delivery from my womb.”
I watched my husband’s cock spasm, knowing I’d made the right call.
“Oh-okay, but, well, umm.”
“I’ll go to Nigel’s room if you prefer.”
“Fuck, no. Please, slide right in, Nigel, and be Kathy’s guest.”
I pointed my ass higher, presenting my soaking wet slit perfectly for my lover’s plunder. My husband’s cock smelled musky, so I enjoyed a delightful, salty, slimy surprise when I peeled his foreskin, sucking on his smooth glans.
I tongued all the way around his shaft, rising, then falling, flicking the banjo string, then sucking his cock head rapidly, slurping.
“Ooooh, f-fuck, oh my! Jesus, ooooh! That’s a fucking enormous cock, Nigel. Can you lick my cli-… yeah, that’s it Steve, perfect.”
My husband sucked my clitoris into his mouth, engorging me, flicking the hard, slimy pearl nub under its protective hood. Nigel slid the biggest cock I’d fucked in years inside my tight pussy, stretching me wide until he was balls deep.
My husband had the best possible view of my hotwife ascension.
The walls of my pussy swelled in delight and my pink cathedral rejoiced at the girth and length of its newest veiny, solid visitor.
“Please don’t bite me so hard, Kathy.”
A mouth full of swollen, dripping labia with enough juice to drown him, muffled my husband’s voice. I tried hard not to bite his shaft when Nigel rammed into me like a jackhammer opening a crack in a concrete sidewalk.
I bobbed my head quickly on my husband’s cock, brushing my lips on his pubic bush, bottoming out while Nigel rubbed his glans against my cervix, again and again, then once more before exploding.
I sucked quickly, wanking the bottom of my husband’s shaft, sliding a finger inside his anus up to the second knuckle to massage his prostate and empty his balls.
While Nigel filled my womb with rope after rope of his cream, stretched up on tiptoes, raking my ass with his fingernails, my husband plastered my throat with his cum.
I choked, swallowing valiantly at one end while enjoying the primordial swimmers Nigel released to hunt down the precious egg in my ovaries. Their mission would be in vain, but I loved that they tried.
Nigel slumped back, exhausted.
“I have to rest, I’m sorry.”
“It’s okay, my husband’s got this from here.”
I sat upright, tousling my hair, rolling my neck while Steve prised my ass cheeks wide open to receive a creamy yoghurt mixture from my womb. I relaxed, allowing my nectar to dribble freely.
Steve opened his mouth wide, encompassed my labia, then sucked powerfully. I felt a gentle flow from my womb when a dam broke and Nigel’s cum drained through my gaping hole.
He licked, sucked, feasted and cleaned me for five minutes until I could take no more.
“Thank you, my wife.”
I dismounted my husbands face kissing him deeply before turning appreciatively to my lover who was dressing.
“Nigel, please let yourself out.”
I snuggled into my husband, drawing the duvet across us, kissing and enjoying the one man I love.


Don’t worry your escapades are safe with us.








We’re agonising over this fantasy no longer

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