But that just makes people want to shop there more.

Last week, Nordstrom announced it was cutting ties with Ivanka Trump’s line due to poor retail performance. Though they insisted the move was not political, the slow sales may have been due to the #GrabYourWallet campaign to boycott companies that support the Trump family. And now, President Trump is getting involved in the fray.
On Wednesday morning, President Trump tweeted that Nordstrom has treated his daughter “so unfairly” despite her being a “great person.” He also retweeted the message from his official @POTUS account, which means an official, taxpayer-funded account just trashed Nordstrom.

The tweet was immediately met with a wave of criticism, because this is a President of the United States taking direct action against a company—and to promote his family’s business. Needless to say, this is an ethical concern.

Oh Trump

Trumps Tweet

You can't say he dosen't protect his own though

We think a father should always be a father

President or otherwise

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