# The Real Reason America Can’t Keep Its Hands Off Trump

Let’s cut through the noise, the grandstanding, and the circus that the mainstream media has devolved into and talk about why America, or more accurately, a specific segment of America, is so obsessed with seeing Donald Trump in chains, metaphorical or otherwise.

First off, let’s address the elephant in the room. The bond – originally set at an astronomical $400 million, now ostensibly ‘reduced’ to a still ludicrous $175 million, payable within a tight 10-day window. What’s going on here? Why this relentless pursuit? It’s not about the law. It’s never been about the law. This, my friends, is about power, fear, and the desperate clutches at relevance by a fading establishment.

**Power Plays in the Land of the ‘Free’**

Understand this – Trump represents an anomaly in the tightly controlled narrative of American politics. Love him or hate him, he’s the wrench thrown in the works of a well-oiled machine designed to keep the “right” people in power. Against all odds, he surged to the presidency in 2016, breaking the mold and sending shockwaves through the corridors of power.

His tenure wasn’t just a presidency; it was a four-year span of exposing the deep-seated corruption, the blatant biases in media, and the rot within the bureaucratic echelons of Washington. To those who’ve had a stranglehold on power, Trump is the embodiment of their loss of control.

**The Fear Factor**

It’s not just about undoing everything Trump accomplished or could accomplish if given another chance. It’s about sending a message loud and clear – if you dare to disrupt the status quo, if you dare to challenge the establishment, this is what awaits you. Fear is a powerful tool, and right now, it’s being wielded with surgical precision to instill it not just in Trump but in any potential successors who think they can take up his mantle.

**Desperation Claws**

Let’s not sugarcoat it; there’s a palpable sense of desperation in the air. The 2020s have been a rollercoaster for America – a global pandemic, escalating tensions both domestically and internationally, and an economy that seems as volatile as ever. Amidst this chaos, Trump remains a symbol of defiance against the establishment narrative. By targeting Trump, they’re attempting to quash this symbolic defiance, hoping against hope that it will somehow restore their dwindling relevance.

**The Bottom Line**

This isn’t about justice; it’s about control. It’s about a segment of American power-brokers who are terrified of what Trump represents – a potential end to their unchecked reign. By setting the hoops impossibly high, they’re not just trying to cage Trump; they’re attempting to stifle the very essence of what made him a threat in the first place – his unyielding challenge to the status quo.

So, as you watch this saga unfold, ask yourself – is this the kind of America you want? An America where power dictates right, where fear overshadows freedom, and where the political establishment can target individuals who dare to challenge it? Think about it. Because the future of America doesn’t just depend on what happens to Trump; it depends on the response of the American people to this blatant display of power play.

The haters are stewing in their hatred right now

Truth Social owner Trump Media & Technology Group announced Monday its merger with a publicly traded shell company has closed and trading will begin on the stock market on Tuesday.

The closing of the merger between Trump Media and Digital World Acquisition Corp. amounts to a multi-billion dollar windfall for former President Donald Trump, who is the chairman and dominant shareholder of the new company.

News of the merger’s completion propelled shares of Digital World up 21%. Buying continued Monday afternoon, boosting Digital World 39% higher on the day to around $51. At current prices, Trump’s stake is valued at about $4 billion. However, there are lock-up restrictions that would likely prevent Trump from selling or even borrowing against the value of that stock for months.









Source: CNN

America Can't Keep Its Hands Off Trump

America, is so obsessed with seeing Donald Trump in chains, metaphorical or otherwise.

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