This is the difference between successful people and mediocrity. Most people dont work hard and smart but they are always boastful of their hard work, ultimately they dont succeed to the extent they boasted about, but a few people have a lot of knowldge, work day and night but they usually remain silent and dont boast about thier abilities and hard work, and in return when they succeed, thier success makes louder noice  among those who are making noise about their abilities……. simple

Ignore the criticism and demotivating factors, focus on your work with a strong will power and get the job done with class.

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There are those who Talk and there are those who Do!

When you focus on what you need to do regardless of a fast result or not of your actions, sooner or later you will succeed..Believe in doing the right actions toward your goals, the more you do, the more chances that you will succeed. Nowadays, a lot of people talk more than they do. Because it’s simply easier, it’s easier to complain, to point at, to be negative, or to pump up our ego. But know that all the talking will not last..the only thing that has residual consequences is your actions..actions are worth more than thousands of words.. The more you work in silence and do good around you, the more successful you will become, the less you compare yourself with others and just keep working and focus on your personal goals, the more successful you will become, the more you help others to get what they want, the more successful you will become. Believe that your actions will make a difference in people’s lives whether they are noticeable right now or in a few years, it doesn’t matter because they are noticeable to the ones that you are helping right now..Focus on always getting better in what you do, be humble in your actions and last but not least always glorify God when you finally attain success.

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