The Lieb Manufaktur stands for excellent and innovative enjoyment. Selected materials are processed with dedication to a product full of uniqueness and passion. Quality Made in Germany, perfection from Baden-Württemberg. The specialty is the customization down to the finest detail. Timeless value, pure elegance.

During the development of the game, one objective was followed above all else: An uncompromising combination of uniqueness and functionality. The game of chess PRECIOUS combines simplicity with elegance. Timeless in its optics, impressive in its quality, an award for every enthusiast.

PRECIOUS combines finest materials from all over the world. A selection of handmade and quality editions are available for you that will enable every admirer of chess in rapture. While the Edition WHITE is made of rhodium coated solid silver, the Edition YELLOW is improved with white or yellow gold. Game characters can also be obtained in solid gold. Game board and game characters find an adequate depository in a noble leather case.

The game of chess PRECIOUS is something special. A top-class game, high-quality materials for the highest aesthetic demands. A unique game experience for the game of kings.

Concierge price: €960,000
Includes complimentary worldwide shipping.

Contact concierge at or skype slaynetwork to get it

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