We’re pretty sure that not one person in this world could’ve predicted the success of the Mercedes-Benz.

Slowly, but steadily, the Mercedes has turned into one of the aftermarket realm’s favorite children – as more and more aficionados get to enjoy the charms of the lavish flavoured Benz, the need for individualization grows.

And we’re here to bring you the freshest example of such a custom Mercedes one that might just be more… violent than all the others we showed you in the past.

It all has to do with the exhaust of the E63 in the piece of footage at the top of the page. The lavish ride has been gifted with a flamethrower exhaust. As odd as this might sounds for old-school enthusiasts, certain drivers will actually fit a spark plug and a fuel injector in their exhaust, all for achieving the kind of Mad Max effect you see here.
The dragony bit is so litt it’s not even funny!


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It looks like a Daenerys and it sure acts like one! My Mercedes is cooler than yours...

Light the Sh*t up!

RAGE...It’s getting red hot in Here!

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