Photography isn’t going anywhere—it’s impossible to imagine a world without runway slide shows and street-style snaps (how else could we mortals glean an understanding of the culotte jumpsuit?.) But fashion illustration—an ever-growing force, with leaders like David Downton and Donald Robertson—takes Taylor Swift and her “Bad Blood” squad and turns them into cartoon icons, identifiable by their signature looks. It reimagines a pair of Louboutins as mystical objects. Illustration lets couture speak for itself; it breathes new life into familiar forms.

By Vanity Fair

This stunning Illustration is available now at slay my art, and is the perfect interior piece or gift for someone special.

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The paintbrush can shine brighter than the camera

The perfect gift

2 thoughts on “Lunch with the slay squad”

  1. Alicia Brown says:

    This would be fun to get done of me and my girlfriends!

    1. Yes it would! It’s available at Slay my art at

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