Life is a choice: You can either give up on your dreams or continue working on them.

Dreams are the seeds of success and the keys to success are:-
* Courage
* Hard work
* Persistence
* Passion
* Perseverance
* Self-confidence
* Self-discipline


Let me narrate you a story of the two frogs: One day two frogs entered a farmhouse where they found a bucket which was half-filled with some white liquid. The white liquid in the bucket was milk. They didn’t know what it was, so they jumped into the bucket. But after a while of fooling around, they realized that they couldn’t find a way to jump out of the bucket. After hours of trying, one of the frogs who was lazier than the other lost all hope and drowned to his death. The other frog kept on kicking and kicking and was not ready to give up. As he was kicking, the milk was getting churned and was turning into cream. He kept kicking and the cream converted into butter. Then he jumped out of the bucket and survived.

Just like the second frog, you should also never give up in a difficult situation.

When you find yourself in trouble, NEVER GIVE UP. Just keep trying, one more time and then again one more time!  

Never give up. Today is hard, and tomorrow will be worse, but the day after tomorrow will be the sunshine.       

Coca-Cola was able to sell only nine bottles per day in its first year of business. In its first year, the company earned only 50$ and spent 73$ and that meant a net loss of 23$. But, today the sales of Coca-Cola is 1.6 billion bottles per day. It clearly shows that one should never give up on his/her dreams. If the founder of Coca-Cola would have given up on his dream after selling nine bottles a day, then he would never have been where he is and you would not be sipping a Coca-Cola everyday.


Whenever you feel like giving up on your goals, just ask yourself a question: Is giving up a solution for my problems? If not, then keep working. Just think of all the people who would be happy to see you successful. Spend some time with yourself. Think about the life that you desire, the life which you will live when you achieve your goal.

Imagine yourself already standing at a College or a University or a T.V show where you are being appreciated and awarded for your success. Never bother about the people who hate you. Haters only hate you because they think that you can achieve something that they can’t.

There may be times in your life when you work hard but do not get any results. You might want to quit. But, just remember if success was easy to get then everyone in this world would have been successful.Believe in your dreams. If you have hope, good times become great times, and problems give way to solutions. Everything is possible. Never let someone who has given up on his dreams convince you not to go after yours.

By Motivationpedia


Believe in what you’re doing, work hard, take nothing personally and if something blocks one route, find another and never give up. It’s our attitude towards any situation that determines our success or failure. It depends on us how we deal with the situation and how we respond to it. All the students have the same textbooks in the class, all of them receive the same education but still one student tops the exam and other fails; why?It is only the attitude and the response of a student that decides whether he will be a failure or a topper.  The choice is yours! If you want to do something greater than anyone has ever done before, then you will have to take risks in life. Obstacles will come in your way, but you just need to focus on your goal. You can either choose to cry for what you don’t have or go out and work hard for it. Forget about everything, just focus on your goal. Giving up on your goal is not a solution. It is an indication that you have accepted your failure. Don’t let your fear of failure kill your dreams? Everyone has problems in his/her life. It’s something that has always been and will always be a part of life. Successful people also have to pass through struggling days to enjoy the taste of success. Conflicts, problems, and rejections are all part of life and dealing with them is an art, an art that you need to master to be successful.

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