A source close to Kanye exclusively told The Sun that Kim’s ex “wants to go for full custody of the children.

People close to him were pretty shocked and have been trying to persuade him not to, but he is adamant that he wants the kids full time. 
“He believes Kim is away a lot working and spending time with Pete and that he’d be a better parent.”
The insider continued: “Kanye thinks the children spend too much time with the nannies and that he’d be around more than Kim.
“He also has issues with Kim’s parenting. He thinks she gives the kids whatever they want, and they are growing up spoiled. 
“But everyone close to Kim knows she is a devoted mother to her children.
“Of course, the children spend time with their nannies but she is a working mother.”

The informant concluded: “Kanye spent long periods of time away from the kids when they were together. He practically lived in Wyoming for the past year of their marriage.
“No one thinks it’s likely he would win full custody.” 

As we all know the sequel is always much worse than the original movie so I think their Hulu show will flop. It makes no sense to stop KUWTK and then start a new show for what exactly? Probably rebranding? It will be KUWTK 2.0 and the last few seasons were boring enough so what else new can you give us when we already know everything about you.
• Kim & Kylie ‘s products are at best mediocre. Kim’s make up line is not even talked about anymore and clothes similar to Skims can be found in a bunch of places at a cheaper price. Now Kylie…she’s expanding too much. Such a quick expansion in products makes her look very unreliable, her make up line is repetitive and lost the wow factor, her swimsuit line was dragged all over youtube and tik tok, her skincare line was a disaster and kylie baby…oh well we shall see.
• The recent tragedy. That’s it. The way they are handling it is absolutely horrifying and insensitive claming they never saw the ambulances when the ambulance was literally on Kylie’s story.
Overall they just lost their influence and they are desperate…and IT SHOWS. Kourtney sucking Travis’ face off all over instagram and this new thing with Kim and Pete just screams “i need attention”. People on social media simply aren’t that attracted to everything they are doing as they were 4-5 years ago when they were considered the standard. I think more and more people started seeing into their bullshit and you can only have so many scandals until people are done with you…and this time after that horrific event i don’t think momager Kris will be able to save them.

Slaylebrity Net Worth Stats

Social Fans 293 Million
Est Networth: $1.8 billion








More and more people have started seeing into their BS and you can only have so many scandals until people are done with you.

Source: @KimKardashian

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