I spoke at the World Cancer research day summit and it was truly mind blowing. Her excellency Zainab Shinkafi Bagudu is really moving mountains for the clinical trials industry in Africa. Through her collaborative efforts breakthrough events like this are giving a voice to Africa.

This Summit was quite instructive for me & I truly look forward to collaboration & mentorship aimed at upskilling and upscaling the Clinical Trial Industry in Africa! Speaking to over 2 million participants was a mega experience for me!! There is indeed, so much to learn, from this partnership! Thank you, your Excellency, for your unique, inclusive leadership & I look forward to next steps! #China #Africa #Cancer #clinicaltrials #collaboration #cancerresearch #worldcancerresearchday

See her recent post below about the event acknowledging my contribution

Today is #WorldCancerResearchDay. A while ago, I received an invitation from my co board member Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) and president of the China Anti-Cancer Association (CACA), Professor Diaming Fan, to partner on the first-ever China Africa Anti-Cancer Summit.

China and Africa share demographic similarities in being highly populated with a high burden of non communicable and indeed, other diseases. Furthermore, both are occupied by people who believe deeply in alternative medicine as a first line of care. For us in Nigeria, this is the main reason for late presentation to hospital. Be it for pregnant mothers, febrile children or cancer cases. The outcome is usually fatal.

We embarked on this partnership to identify opportunities and areas of collaboration between China and Africa and sought renowned advocates, scientists and policymakers in both regions that work in the space. The first step in the partnership was a virtual meeting on 13th September, 2023.

Dr. Ning Zhang, the Deputy Secretary General of CACA was the Moderator whilst Prof. Ying Wang, the Vice President of CACA and I gave welcome remarks. I expressed hope at the prospect offered by such a partnership between China and Africa to curb cancer.

The esteemed speakers were Benda N. Kithaka of Kilele Health, Kenya, Dr. Susan Citonje, Radiation and Clinical Oncologist from Zambia, Karen Nakwala, Founder of Teal sisters Foundation and a cervical cancer survivor and Professor Professor Ifeoma Okoye MBBS, FWACS, FMCR, renowned radiation oncologist from Nigeria.

The webinar was watched by an audience of over 2Million people, a remarkable number that further emphasized the power both continents can wield, with the right plan and focus. We shared challenges, innovations, and how to use shared knowledge to improve our systems.

Not surprisingly, similar concerns were highlighted. Across the Africa, speakers highlighted the need for improved funding, increased awareness and advocacy to ensure early presentation, and improve access to screening, diagnosis, and research.
Professor Fan disclosed that through CACA, guidelines have been developed using Chinese technology which suits the unique needs of the their people, an approach I believe we should all look into in our individual spaces. Holistic Integrative Oncology, a combination of western and alternative medicine, needs to be tested by sound clinical trials. It’s is already a very big part of our lives and clinical practice; thus, scientists cannot keep ignoring it.

As wisely stated by Professor Okoye, we need to invest more in our own research and clinical trials if we are to tailor care effectively.

In all, it was a fruitful conversation and the beginning of an excellent collaboration.

#China #Africa #Cancer #clinicaltrials #collaboration #cancerresearch #worldcancerresearchday

Watch the full webinar here


China and Africa share demographic similarities in being highly populated with a high burden of non communicable and indeed, other diseases

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