Imagine waking up, feeling that rush of Queenly energy coursing through your veins, only to realize that today is someone’s birthday—someone you haven’t spoken to in months. Hell, you probably don’t even like them. But here you are, society’s puppet, expected to play the role of cheerful caller to wish them a happy birthday. What a load of nonsense.

Let’s break this down. You’re a high-value individual. Your time is the most precious resource you possess. Every second you spend on pointless tasks is a second you’re not crushing your goals, dominating your field, or enjoying life’s luxuries. Society, however, would have you believe that it’s vital to take a chunk of your day and throw it away on people who contribute nothing to your mission.

Who started this ridiculous tradition anyway? It’s nothing but a relic from old societal norms designed to keep you in line. It’s like a mental shackle, an outdated custom that forces you to comply with what’s expected, rather than what’s efficient or even logical.

Think about it. Why do you have to call these people? To show you care? To maintain a connection? That’s all utter garbage. If your relationship with someone is so shallow that it requires an annual phone call to maintain, it’s not worth maintaining. Real connections are built on shared visions, mutual respect, and solid interactions, not yearly obligatory niceties.

Imagine the freedom of taking that time back. Five minutes here, ten minutes there—it adds up! Suddenly, you have an extra hour or two each month to invest in yourself. Read a book. Learn a new skill. Close a deal. Hell, even just unwind and enjoy the lifestyle you’ve built. True high performers and top-tier individuals understand the value of every single second. They don’t waste it pandering to societal expectations.

Here’s the kicker—most of these people probably don’t care about your call. They’re going through the motions as much as you are, ticking boxes on their social checklist. Why play into this game of superficiality? It’s time we redefine what it means to be social. Quality over quantity. Depth over shallowness. Connection over convention.

From now on, start setting boundaries. The next time your phone lights up with a reminder to wish someone you barely know a happy birthday, swipe it away. Replace that task with something meaningful. Shoot them a quick text if you must, but save the calls for those who truly matter—the people who are instrumental in your journey to success.

The bottom line? Society’s rules are not your rules. Just because something is customary doesn’t mean it’s worthwhile. You’re on a path to greatness, so carve out your own rules. Refuse to squander your time on hollow gestures. Take back your time, and invest it in your ascension to the top. The real winners know this: the fewer meaningless obligations you have, the greater your potential for true achievement.

Dominance isn’t just about winning. It’s about knowing when to say no to what’s unworthy of your time. So, stop making those futile birthday calls and start living your life like the champion you are.

Society would have you believe that it's vital to take a chunk of your day and throw it away on people who contribute nothing to your mission. Who started this ridiculous tradition anyway?

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