Misconceptions About Disabled Marriages: Blasting through the Bullsh*t

Alright, let’s get straight to the point. I’m tired of the half-baked assumptions swirling around about disabled marriages. If you believe in any of this BS, you need a major wake-up call. This isn’t a PG-rated, cotton-candy world where every narrative fits neatly into a box. This is life, and sometimes life includes elements you can’t wrap your tiny brain around.

1. “You Can’t Be Happy” – Get Real

Holy hell, people. Do you think happiness has a checklist? That because someone is disabled, they’ve signed off their rights to joy and fulfillment? If that’s your thinking, you’re living in an ignorant bubble, my friend. Happiness isn’t tied to physical capabilities. It’s driven by mental freedom, love, and the ability to seize life’s moments. Disabled couples can experience bliss, laughter, joy, and every other emotion just like you. So take your pity party somewhere else.

2. “Intimacy is Non-Existent” – Use Your Imagination

This one makes me roll my eyes so hard they practically orbit my skull. Just because someone is disabled doesn’t mean intimacy is off the table. True intimacy is about connection, vulnerability, and being present with your partner. If you can’t grasp that, I feel sorry for your love life. Trust me, disabled couples can be just as fiery and passionate as anyone else.

3. “One Person Does Everything” – Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Who fed you this garbage? Disabled marriages are partnerships, not lopsided business deals. It’s teamwork, equal contribution, and mutual support—just like any other marriage. If you’re stuck in the mindset that a disabled person is a burden, you’re looking at the world through a lens marked “ignorance”.

4. “It’s a One-Sided Relationship” – Wrong Again

Ever heard of mutual respect? Disabled marriages flourish on the same grounds as any healthy relationship: equality, love, and shared responsibilities. Thinking it’s one-sided just shows how clueless you are about real partnerships.

5. “It’s All About the Money” – Oh, Come On

Put that idea in a trash compactor and obliterate it. The notion that someone would marry a disabled person only for financial gain? That’s insulting. People marry for love, connection, and shared dreams. Money? That’s a shallow assumption that says more about your values than theirs.

6. “You Can’t Have Fun or Go on Dates” – Open Your Eyes

Guess what? Disabled people go on dates, enjoy movies, dance, travel, laugh till their sides ache—just like everyone else. Stop putting limitations on what you think they can or can’t do. Your lack of imagination isn’t their problem.

7. “No Family Life” – You Must Be Joking

Who said disabled couples can’t start families? Have you been living under a rock? Not only can they have kids, but they can also raise them with mountains of love, wisdom, and experiences that only they can offer. Disabled families shine possibly even brighter because they live a life full of resilience, bravery, and triumph.

8. “Everlasting Love – Movie Life Love” – Absolutely Possible

Here’s the clincher: Disabled marriages can have that enviable, everlasting, movie-life love. Love isn’t bound by physical limitations; it’s bound by spirit, commitment, and undying affection. So, when they shine, they don’t just light up their world, they become a beacon for anyone with a soul deep enough to recognize real love.

So enough with the baseless assumptions. If you can’t see beyond the disability and appreciate the power of human connection, then you’re the one missing out. Disabled marriages can be powerhouses of love, joy, and partnership that can make any Hollywood script pale in comparison.

Wake up, step up, and recognize the powerful, limitless love in disabled marriages. Because if you can’t see their brilliance, then frankly, you’re blind to true happiness.

Til next time, question everything, challenge assumptions, and always look for the heartbeat beneath what you see.

Stay undefeated,
[Adaobi Ebozue ]

Yes you can totally slay date night

Yes he takes care of me too

This isn't a PG-rated, cotton-candy world where every narrative fits neatly into a box. This is life, and sometimes life includes elements you can't wrap your tiny brain around. Disabled marriages can have that enviable, everlasting, movie-life love. Love isn't bound by physical limitations; it's bound by spirit, commitment, and undying affection.

They assume you can’t possibly be happy

They assume you don’t go on dates or have fun

They assume you can’t have a family

Or be happy as a family

Or shine bright like a diamond

Or have everlasting love Let alone an enviable movie life

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