How Slaylebrity has revamped online shopping for the nouveau rich

Ever wonder how the really cool rich
Shop online? Do they hop on the Internet surfing through Instagram, Pinterest or various search engines sorting amongst dozens of online sellers and retailers? Do they scour across shopping sites frantically searching for the best possible most impressive gift items when they need to? Do they dig online for the coolest hotels and restaurants around the world? What about content? Do they bother to log on to public social networks which have lots of wannabe influencers to see interesting content?

Before Slaylebrity came about shopping for really cool stuff was super tough and quite frankly unreliable and scary. For instance say you saw a stunning item on Pinterest or Instagram how do you know what you are buying will be delivered and how do you know it will fit? Indeed most times you cant figure out where to get it better yet how to create it for yourself or even if you found where to get it, your size is unavailable or its completely sold out!

While those leading sites are great for everyday consumers, a different class of service awaits those that have the means for getting unique shopping and lifestyle content with the assistance of Slaylebrity-the world’s best and most exclusive luxury fashion and lifestyle concierge social network. For the nouveau rich, Slaylebrity is a God send. Now they no longer have to sift through billions of items and content to get to things they actually want to see. They no longer have to worry if clothing items will fit as most things on Slaylebrity are custom made by hand.

Having to pay up to seven figure concierge membership fees are now a thing of the past, as with Slaylebrity all that’s required is a yearly 5 figure membership fee of which 100% is infact credited to the members account to shop any of the cool items listed on Slaylebrity, plus the members get to have special discounts on selected items.

There is absolutely no need to get a private concierge to tell you the best hotels and restaurants as Slaylebrity is perfectly capable on demand to do this.

At Slaylebrity each member discovers a world laced with stunning opulence, replete with unrivaled service, unforgettable one-of-a-kind outlandish experiences and simply unimaginable excess for those with the good fortune that’s afforded by the all-access-pass concierge site.

However, don’t get us wrong, Slaylebrity’s online concierge services aren’t merely meant solely for travel, shopping and gifts. In fact, Slaylebrity  not only help their members find incredible things online, but also aid them in managing and maintaining their celebrity-esque lifestyles by providing health and fitness, celebrity news, politics plus motivational self help content, while providing a refined level of digital personal assistance for an unfettered ease of comfort, convenience and accessibility to their lives.

This type of hands-free virtual service and attention to detail is possible thanks to Slaylebrity.

Yet, don’t expect your on demand Slaylebrity concierge membership to come cheap. Depending on the level of discounts, status, attention and exposure you’re seeking, annual fees range from $12,000-$60000.

However, if you’re looking for an unparalleled red-carpet experience, look no further than Slaylebrity that not only delivers on service, but also provides a technological footprint that provides convenience and accessibility to the world’s upper-middle class and elite jet-setters. This is absolutely a gold mine for Independent luxury brands looking to gain a foothold on the highly coveted high disposable income nouveau rich crowd. With the increasing minefield of bots on public social network there’s absolutely no other cost effective way to promote a luxury brand than Slaylebrity.

Slaylebrity is the cream of the crop, the best of the best when it comes to luxury brand exposure. Launched in 2016, yet already Boasting over one million page views a month the platform is garnering traction at an outstanding rate.

Today’s complex and intricately-woven digital world is filled with companies that are vying for the attention of consumers in an increasingly-crowded space. While most businesses have their work cut out for them, the luxury segment and one-percenters are becoming harder and harder to reach and win over.

Shopaholics also love the Slaylebrity platform as its a great way to limit yearly shopping spend to the membership fee.

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The one percenters enjoy being spoonfed from a digital Gold spoon

How Slaylebrity has revamped online shopping for the nouveau rich

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