Amra Olevic who is well known under her online name Amrezy. This Slaylebrity is a famous Instagram star and beauty and make up artist. She currently has 5.8 million followers on her Instagram account and this number grows daily.

Amrezy is very attractive and sexy to the point of over perfection. She’s denied that she had plastic surgeries and she admitted that she used botox and fillers treatments.

She was always interested in make up and beauty treatments since she was a little girl.
She lived in Montenegro during her childhood but she moved with her family to New York where she became a slaylebrity.

She graduated high school in 2006. She also attended college after she finished high school but she quit because it was very boring to her and she often found herself sleeping during lectures.

When she left the faculty she decided to attend Make up Design School because she was interested in make up since she was a girl.
When she was 22 years old she worked at Sephora as a make up artist.

She launched her own beauty and make up blog under the name “Glamrezy”. She also posts make up tutorials, beauty advices on her Instagram account on which she has 5.8 millions of followers.
She is very active on her Instagram profile and she often posts very attractive photos and raunchy videos.

In 2014 she partnered with “Brow Queen Anastasia” and she created the “Amrezy” pallete that includes, according to Amra’s words, different kinds and shades of colors from  crease colors, to matte, shimmery and bright colors.

Later she also collaborated with “Lip Land Cosmetics” in creating her own line of liquid lipsticks that includes three amazing products or three shades under recognazible names “Brookly”, “Rezy” and “Montenegro”. As you can guess shade “Montengro” is dedicated to her motherland Montenegro and the shade “Brooklyn” is dedicated to the place where she was raised. All three liquid lipsticks cost $18.99.

She also collaborates with MAC make up and “Bellami Hair”.

She is often accused of looking like Kim Kardashian. And many haters speculate that she had a few plastic surgeries to achieve this which she has consistently denied.

She also collaborated with Kim Kardashian and she is very close with Mario Dedivanovic who is the make up artist to Kim Kardashian. Interestingly he is also from Montengro and according to some he is of Albanian descent.

Unlike most influencers she keeps her private life pretty private. She recently got married to her long time boyfriend which is quite unusual in this industry.

Her hubby was a huge support to her in very hard times when she didn’t have a job. Before she became a rich Slaylebrity she was a freelancer make up artist and her Man helped her in developing her career.

So what’s the tea on Amrezy and her ABH Deal?

We don’t know how much Amrezy got paid for this gig.
They used to always be together hanging out, and it just stopped. ABH removed the palette of their site randomly, and that was it. ABH did send her the full set of their new glosses though…they probably just want to use her to promote them.

Get to the point, how much is she worth and how much does she earn per post?

Followers: 5.8 million Earnings per post: $9,000
Net worth estimated at $2 million
Height : 5″3
Age: 31

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