IF there’s one name that’s been plastered all over your social media feed this week – it’s likely to be Salt Bae.
The Turkish restaurateur, real name is Nusret Gökçe, opened up his latest luxury eatery in London last month – with already infamous price tags.
Having opened his 14th restaurant in London’s Knightsbridge, Salt Bae found himself at the centre of everyone’s talk once more over his prices.
One of the first diners at the new eatery revealed it cost £1,182 for a family meal – including four redbulls for £44 and a 24ct-gold steak for £790.
You think that’s crazy? The steak-cooking star is now rumoured to be worth £38million thanks to his online fame and has a host of top celebrity pals.

However DINERS at Salt Bae’s new London restaurant Nusr-et have furiously branded it “PUB FOOD”.
Writing on TripAdvisor, the customer branded the restaurant’s prices – which include £850 for a gold-coated steak and a £100 burger both on offer – as “ridiculous” and not worth the hype.
“Apparently ‘upstairs’ is actually outside. I wasn’t happy seating outside, as it was really cold.” They said they were not allowed to put a gas heater on but no-one ever apologised for their treatment.

He said the service he received was “terrible” and the food “wasn’t even nice”, adding “It was the worst experience and the worst food we had, for the money we have spent. Just ridiculous.”

Meanwhile not to be outdone by the middle class WEALTHY diners have flocked to try Salt Bae’s jaw-dropping Nusr-et London menu which includes a £100 gold-covered burger, a £50 cappuccino and £18 onion flower.
A bill from Nusr-Et Steakhouse in the capital shows one hungry diner who paid out a whopping £1,812.40 in total.
The receipt shows the customer bought a single ‘golden burger’, which cost £100, a £23 salad, two prawn tempura rolls costing £60, and a £10 corn on the cob.
The priciest item is a £630 ‘giant tomahawk’ steak, which again is wrapped in a 24-carat gold leaf.
However, even smaller items come with a hefty price tag – an onion flower costs £18, while a Coke is £9 and a Red Bull is £11.
The whopping bill included a 15 per-cent service charge of £236.40.

It seems Londoners are not amused by extravagance

ZERO people turn up after calling for waiters and chefs to bring in resume
ZERO people turned up to hand in their resume at Salt Bae’s London restaurant today after the flash chef put out an open call to waiters and waitresses to apply for jobs.
Nusret Gökçe, who is best known as internet sensation ‘Salt Bae’, flung open the doors of his new Knightsbridge steakhouse, Nusr-et for a hiring spree.
But despite expecting queues around the corner, The Sun can reveal not a single person turned up to give in their CV.
Salt Bae – who charges £630 for a golden tomahawk steak – put out the call to arms for new staff last night.
He urged aspiring chefs, waiters, waitresses and bar staff to come forward and apply for work at his latest restaurant in London by giving in their resume.

Now they are accusing the restaurant of playing games with reviewers

SALT Bae’s London restaurant has been accused of “deleting” bad reviews while boasting about its five star ratings – despite fury over their “rip-off” prices.
The upmarket eatery appears to have erased comments criticising the price of food at the central London restaurant.
According to My London, a “slurry of reviews appearing to criticise the restaurant when it first opened” have suddenly “disappeared”.
The diner now boasts a 4.8 rating on Google, despite dozens of fuming customers hitting out at its prices.
The menu came under fire over the price of its steaks after one customer was left with an eye-watering £37,000 bill.
A critic accused Turkish-born internet icon Nusret Gökçe of “taking the p**s” after he paid £850 for the “golden tomahawk”.

London is getting heated by the price list at Nusr Steak house London

A STEAKHOUSE is going head-to-head with Salt Bae’s London restaurant by also offering diners gold-covered steaks – but for £500 LESS.
Nusret Gökçe, who became an internet sensation as Salt Bae, recently opened his 15th restaurant in Knightsbridge where you might catch him tossing seasoning over £630 steaks in the flesh.
The Turkish butcher now has a global restaurant empire thanks to his theatrical steak presentation – immortalised in a 2017 video watched over 17 million times.
But Brits hoping to visit for dinner might be better advised to book a flight to the eatery in Turkey instead – as the trip would be cheaper.
One receipt recently posted on Twitter came to £1,812.40 – just under the average UK monthly salary.

Not every Londoner is hating on Nusr

Turkish chef Nusret Gökçe – who is better known as meme sensation Salt Bae for the way he sprinkles seasoning on his pricey meat – recently opened his Nusr-Et Steakhouse in Knightsbridge to mixed reviews.
But the global sensation was left stunned when two young entrepreneurs were so impressed by his gold steak they gave him a tip – a £2000 personalised box of cigars.
Brothers Ollie and Toby Brittan, who own Whites Beaconsfield, the UK’s leading provider of non-peroxide natural teeth whitening products, booked the posh meal to celebrate the successful launch of their new teeth whitening toothpaste.
They ordered the famous gold-wrapped tomahawk steak which costs £630 and £100 burgers and were left with a whopping bill of nearly £2,000 after all their drinks and side orders.
But the brothers were so impressed with the food and the grand theatrics of Salt Bae as he served the steak that they gifted him a £2k box of cigars.

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Gold steaks

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Salt Bae be salting it out ….they say he serves rubbish pub food for crazy prices, but are they just hating?

Someone dropped major moolah at salt bars latest steak house in knights bridge London nearly £40,000. People are obsessed with gold. Diners in Salt Bae's restaurant in Greece were left stunned after he pulled an engagement ring from a £200 rack of ribs. In a video posted on his Instagram page, Nusret “Salt Bae” Gökçe placed the £200 slab of meat onto the couple's table at his restaurant in Mykonos. The unsuspecting girlfriend took out her phone to film Salt Bae cut up the ribs, when the Turkish chef plucks the ring out of the meat to hand to her partner. The couple embrace as diners watch on in shock and applaud for the newly engaged couple. Filmed in 2019, the video has amassed nearly eight million views.

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