Ok ok I know what you thought when you read the title of this post.

You were probably either feeling sorry for me or you were shocked that I’m willing to share this unspoken aspect of a marriage involving a disabled person.

Indeed it is no small feat to have to wake up one morning to realise that the world as you knew it is essentially over.

However it really isn’t as bad as it seems.

As with normal life there are dark days and there are very bright days and for me at least there have been more bright days than dark ones.

When you experience tragedy you truly become reborn. You find yourself coping with things you never imagined you could cope with.

I was lucky enough to have been pregnant when the accident happened and for this I have gratitude in my heart daily especially when I’m feeling sorry for myself.

So how have I coped so tremendously well?

First of all I try very hard never to Moan about the situation or feel sorry for myself.

In general I try very hard to forget that anything has changed.

I am human however, so I avoid all situations that could lead to the demise of my marriage one being that I quite literally never go out at night or to bars etc. Anywhere that could result in temptation I steer clear.

Secondly I always remember and remind myself exactly how I felt when I thought I would never see my husband again and this really has been one of my rocks.

I keep myself extremely busy with work that I have no time to feel sorry for myself. I also workout like a savage it helps release some of the tension.

I wake up at 3am daily to meditate and to count my blessings.

Most importantly i DO NOT under any circumstances binge on other peoples social media feeds as this is the greatest detriment to anyone in a vulnerable situation.

Finally I’ve become my husbands physical therapist this has really strengthened our connection.

If you are struggling I really recommend trying all or some of the things I do to keep my head strong.

All the best.

Life will always throw curve balls and it’s up to us how we react

My wig is from slay my hair and eyewear from slay my shades: www.slaynetwork.co.uk

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