Alex Becker recently exited his software business Hyros for a big chunk of change.

Banzai — an engagement marketing startup that provides tools to source and connect with potential sales leads, and tools to build and run online video events — announced that it is going public, by way of a SPAC. Alongside that, Banzai is acquiring Hyros, a startup that specializes in advertising and marketing attribution.

Banzai is paying $110 million on acquire Hyros, and the combined, listed company said it would have an enterprise value of $380 million — from an equity value of $580 million, minus $207 million in cash and $7 million in debt post-deal. It is also picking up $100 million to fuel future activities. The combined company, called Banzai International, will trade on Nasdaq (specifically its Capital Market tier).

Doing this merger with VII solves several things in one fell swoop. It adds some cash to our balance sheet, gives us a public currency, and allows us to acquire Hyros – which we believe will all be great for our customers and our business long term.”

I was doing some research on Alex recently because i was curious to find out where he actually got his start in the internet marketing realm. What i found was an article basically telling the story he tells him self about how he left his job in the military as fireman and went onto learn SEO and make money with it eventually. How true this is i don’t know but i did find some things that would indicate that to be true, i found one of Alex’s old accounts on a another forum it’s called Becker13, if you want to see it just type in Becker13 wso into google it’s the second search result.

On this other forum he highlights and tells people how he is making money through SEO. Everything appeared to be legit. His account got banned for some reason not sure why ?, after doing more searching i found some shady stuff Alex was apart of. He seems to have had involvement in couple “sketchy” product launches that went wrong. One those products launches where “Cloudpbn” which after doing some looking into it went bad to say the least. Lots of complaints about the product etc.

The product launch also involved a guy called Devin Zander , who deserves a place in the internet marketing hall fame for all the wrong reasons. Oh yeah the launch also involved a guy called Wyatt Jozowoski .

Google this to find out more about the “Cloudpbn” launch – “cloud pbn shit show” click on the third result that comes up on google and read

Moving the focus back to Alex, what i really want to find out did this guy actually make as much money from SEO as he claims he has or was it entirely from product launches and the software he sells. Personally I’m leaning on him making his money from his software and product launches, even in his earlier days i believe he knew this was the best route for him to go.

I know for a near certain fact that he made tons of money in some affiliate products, most likely 6 figures just for one product

He definitely made what he said he did with SEO and he gave the blueprint away

Was his SEO stuff original? No, he mentioned in many early videos that he is friends with Greg Morrison and whole OMG team and so IMHO he rehashed what he learnt from them.

Did the stuff worked? Yes the SEO advice works and is still working with some twists.

He is a showman, he is good at making connections and doing JVs.

He has charisma and can talk the talk. His Konker platform makes him decent money, his products do the same.

His products regarding seo are like most from gurutards – overpriced and rehashed.

He moves in the same circles as some seasoned and good seo guys.

Our final conclusion

He provides 0 value. the only good thing about him is marketing (well good for him makes him a ton of money and we can def learn from that) He’s better at attraction marketing than 99% of all the internet marketers out there…
besides that…pretty much crap.

The biggest difference between Alex and other marketers is the fact that Alex can back up his claims and he does a good job at showing his earnings.

Slaylebrity Net Worth Stats

Social fans: 1.33 Million +
EST Net Worth: $100 million +







Graduation into the $100 million + plus club feels good next one billion!

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