Oyibo Rebel: The Billionaire Bad Boy of Nigeria Set to Rule the African Entertainment World

Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to an Oyibo original, an unapologetic rebel, an unparalleled performer – Fares Boulos, also known as the Oyibo Rebel. This Nigerian-American superstar was born into opulence, but rather than leaning into an easy life of entrenched wealth, he’s taken the reins of his incredible destiny, marching to the beat of his drum – or his guitar, as it were.

Born in Houston, Texas, on January 2, 1991, Fares began life in the land of the free and the brave. Yet, his roots took him to Nigeria’s vibrant soil, molding him into an extraordinary cultural mosaic. It is this very diversity that defines Fares. It sings in his music, winks through his comedic TikTok skits, and radiates from every performance.

Nigerian by upbringing, American by birth, Oyibo Rebel is just that: a rebellious character in the global world of arts. A happy-go-lucky swashbuckler, straddling worlds and challenging norms, with music as his weapon and laughter as his creed. Make no mistake about it: Oyibo Rebel isn’t merely a novelty item for the TikTok generation, he’s an authentic force of nature, bridging continents with his creative flair and indomitable spirit.

The billionaire Boulos family might be connected to the flamboyant Trump dynasty, but their prodigy has well and truly emerged from the shadows. The trappings of privilege could not chain him, nor could the hot glitter of limelight blind him. He has taken an unusual route, untraveled even by his contemporary Nigerian artists – a pathway where his American roots intertwine with his Nigerian spirit, creating an unyielding synergy of soul, rhythm, and energy.

In the music industry, Oyibo Rebel is a rare, precious gem cultivating a mixture of Afrobeat, highlife tunes, and American pop vibes. By doing so, he’s crafting a unique entity: a sound that appeals to every ear, a rhythm that makes every heart beat faster, and a melody relatable no matter where you are on God’s wide Earth.

Joined by his creative TikTok skits, Fares, the comedian, opens new vistas for his audience to see his versatility. Each comedy piece is an infusion of humor in everyday Nigerian scenarios—breaking down barriers, dispelling stereotypes, and sportingly embracing the spirit of an ordinary African man with an extraordinary twist.

Is the Oyibo Rebel a paradox? Sure, he might seem one; a wealthy youngster taking to the streets with his music, poking fun at real-world scenarios juxtaposed against his own unreal world of wealth. Yet, paradoxes are the spice of life. They inspire curiosity, invite investigations, and delightfully, this particular paradox is no different.

So here’s to Oyibo Rebel, a man who breaks the mold every time he encounters one. A billionaire bad boy with a difference, armed with a guitar, a grin, and an array of witty TikTok shorts. He’s not just the noise in the music scene; he’s the music itself, stirring the quiet, serenading the chaos, singing a song of unity in diversity, of love beyond borders, and of the rhythm in every life.

Watch out, world. The Rebel is here, and he’s about to change the game!

Slaylebrity Net Worth Stats

Social Fans: 353 K
EST Net Worth: $350,000 (he is set to inherit billions from the boulos dynasty)

Oyibo rebel with Davido


If i had a verse on #unavailablechallenge #tiktoknaija #fypシ

♬ UNAVAILABLE (feat. Musa Keys) – Davido

Oyibo Rebel is a clown indeed



♬ original sound – OYIBO REBEL

Oyibo Rebel destroyed this Skit with Mini Rebel


Wahala Fo Who No Wash Plate 😂 ♥️🇳🇬♥️ #tiktokafrica #tiktokafrique #tiktoknigeria

♬ original sound – OYIBO REBEL

Oyibo rebel sister mini rebel


SAPA #thankyou #tiktoknaija #fypシ

♬ original sound – OYIBO REBEL








Oyibo Rebel: The Billionaire Bad Boy of Nigeria Set to Rule the African Entertainment World

Oyibo Rebel got married last year to a stunner

Beautiful duo

He still lives the high life

Oyibo rebel Boulos family

Oyibo Rebel with brother who is married to Tiffany Trump

Oyibo Rebel Sister

More Nigerian than most Nigerians

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