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Roommates — Sharing
Greg is conflicted between Kim, her awakened polyamorous lust, and his ideas of monogamy. But Stacy and Bret help him resolve his dilemma.

Greg leaned back against the counter trying to calm himself. He took deep breaths while his muscles and nerves reverberated in the aftershock. He had just fucked Stacy while she ate out his girlfriend Kim’s pussy. He watched Stacy’s ass jiggle as she disappeared into the bathroom and subconsciously stroked his slowly softening cock.
His eyes closed and he let out a deep sigh as he gripped his cock.
“She’s pretty hot, huh? And now we’ve both had the chance to fuck her.”
Greg opened his eyes and looked at his girlfriend, Kim. She sat on the edge of the small dining table, leaning back on one arm, legs split wide and dangling over the side, as she slowly used her other hand to massage her mound. The soft skin of her loins was still wet with her juice and Stacy’s spit.
Slowly he remembered why he was here, why he was angry. He wasn’t as angry anymore but found himself more confused.
“I…” he shook his head and then started to look around for his clothes. “Is that…Do you not want to be with me anymore?” he asked as he pulled up his underwear and pants. He stopped as if lost in thought, then continued, “Do you want her?” His face looked pained. “Have you been having sex with her after you’ve pushed me away?”
Kim pushed herself off the table. “No…I…I want you.” Pain and a nervous fear of losing him colored those words. “But I have also found myself thinking of…thinking of her and Bret.” She hugged herself tight and looked away, embarrassed at the realization of her awakened lust.
“Bret?” He tugged his shirt over his head and jabbed his arms through the sleeves. “You’ve fucked him too?” The anger that had dissipated flared up again.
“Yes…” She was going to make excuses but couldn’t ignore the euphoria, the freedom, and the surge in energy and life she felt after having sex with them. She had released a deep-seated carnal lust she once felt ashamed of. Something she had, for so many years, tried to hide; tried to push away by distracting herself with work. She relaxed her arms and stood straight, naked, staring straight at him. “Yes, I did,” her voice steeled and clear, “I fucked them. Not because I want to be with them but because I find them sexually attractive.”
Greg was going to say something back but she stopped him.
“No, listen.” She took several steps towards him. “Rather than try and talk to me before, you yelled and stormed off. Well, shut up and listen now! I want you! I love fucking you. I love you more than just fucking you. But, for too long I left my sexual urges and desires chained up deep inside. It affected me, you, our sex life and so much more.”
Greg stood quiet. The anger within him abated but still simmered as he tried to listen to her.
“And you didn’t have any problem fucking her last night, and again today.” She took a deep breath. “I want you!” She reached up and placed a hand on his chest, her voice slowly softening but still earnest. “I want us to be honest and open about everything, including sex with others. I hid away. This is who I am now…or have always been really…and I do not want to go back.” She placed both hands on either side of his chest. She felt his warmth and wanted him to wrap his arms around her. Wanted him to understand and still stay with her. Please…she thought as she looked up into his eyes.
He saw the tidal wave coming as she spoke. He thought he could withstand it as it towered over him. But then it crashed upon him and he lost his footing. He felt himself tumbling in the surf.
“I…don’t…I…” Greg hesitantly brought his hands up as if to hold her but stopped. “I don’t know.” His head shook as he slipped from between her hands. He bent down, grabbed his shoes, and walked out.
Kim turned and leaned against the counter now, her head low as her arms wrapped back around herself again.
Stacy walked out of the bathroom and grabbed her dress that was on the floor. “I heard it all and I could have sworn he was going to start fucking you right here.” She slapped the small dining table. “But, it was a lot coming at him. A lot to think about.”
“You know, given everything that I said, I don’t mind you fucking him. But, I wish you would have told me.”
“When? We ran into him at the party, which I tried to get you to go to, and, well, we fucked.” Stacy shrugged her shoulders as she opened the fridge. “I was going to race over here first thing in the morning,” she said while rummaging around looking for something to eat, “but, you know Bret, we fucked all night and I overslept.” Finding nothing, she closed the refrigerator and walked over toward Kim.
“I know this is really all my fault,” Stacy said.
Kim looked up slowly as Stacy stood, still naked, in front of her.
“I can’t help it if I’m hot and everyone wants to fuck me,” she said jokingly and winked at Kim. “Let me make this up to you and Greg. He’s a good guy and I would not want to lose him as a friend. Let’s give him some time to think this all through and then we’ll all go out for dinner and drinks. Just friends. No sex.”
“I guess.”
Stacy cupped Kim’s face between her hands and kissed her softly on the lips.
Kim sighed into Stacy’s mouth as their plump lips pressed together. Hopeful warmth slowly rose in her before they parted reluctantly.
“Come, let’s go get something to eat. I’m starving.”

Two days passed before Greg finally answered Kim’s call. His voice was guarded as they talked and it took some gentle questioning from Kim to get him to discuss what happened and his thoughts about them going forward. As they talked, he admitted he still wanted her, loved her, but found his thoughts drifting to Stacy as well. He also admitted he found it arousing thinking of Bret and her together, fucking. Kim had to change the topic to keep herself from getting too aroused over the phone. After a few minutes, she asked him to join her, Stacy, and Bret for dinner and drinks. He hesitantly accepted the invitation.
Greg met them outside the restaurant. It was an exclusive, member-only place, of which Bret was a member; it also had a club in the basement. Greg was cordial and shook hands with Stacy and Bret, then hugged Kim. He held her several beats longer than simple friends would have.
“I miss you,” he whispered in her ear as he pulled back and looked down into her eyes.
Her face brightened, “Me too.”
“Looks like our table is ready,” Bret shouted from the hostess stand.
Their table was in a dimly lit corner of the restaurant. It was a small square table with an oversized white tablecloth draped over it and reaching to the floor. A single candle flickered in a small votive-style glass vase.
As the hostess sat them, Stacy asked her to have the waiter immediately bring over four shots of tequila.
“The first round is on me. Everything that has happened is my fault,” Stacy said with a wistful tone and look asking for forgiveness. “Our lifestyle is not for everyone and…well, we don’t want to lose either of you as friends.”
“We know what we are into is frowned upon,” Bret said, looking from Kim to Greg. “And it can be pretty intense and shocking to most, our open sexual relationship. We’ve lost many friends, unfortunately. We want to make sure both of you are comfortable with us and our lifestyle. And if that means we’re just friends, then so be it.”
Their waiter arrived with their shots and each took one.
“Give us a couple more minutes,” Bret asked the waiter before returning his attention back to Kim and Greg. “Please forgive us.” He raised his glass. “To friendship.”
Greg was the last to raise his glass. He looked at the rich amber liquor as it shimmered for a second, lost to his thoughts, then raised it. “To friendship.”
Kim, hopeful, took his hand in hers and smiled.
After the shots, the waiter returned and took their orders.
Though the ice was broken, their conversations still danced around the events of the past week. Greg relaxed a bit but remained guarded. Throughout the dinner, Stacy and Bret continued to order drinks for everyone. Whiskey and martinis eased what remained of Greg’s pertinacious attitude.
With the dinner done, Kim let her heels slip from her feet, turned slightly in her seat to face Greg, and brought one foot up along his calf. Greg smiled at Kim and sighed, remembering her touch. She ran her foot slowly up and down his leg.
Greg was talking to Bret about the playoff game last night when he felt another foot on his other leg. He took in a deep breath and looked at Stacy. She smiled and bit her bottom lip. Greg returned his attention to Bret who, somehow, didn’t seem to notice or care as he continued complaining about the game.
Their feet felt warm against his legs. Their small toes spread and closed over him, one foot low pushing up the open cuff of his pants while the other was high along the calf of his other leg. They each moved slowly, sometimes in opposing directions and sometimes they moved together as they teased him.
Stacy and Kim shared a knowing smile.
Greg didn’t notice as he tried to keep the conversation with Bret going while images of Stacy and Kim flashed in his head. His chest swelled wider with each breath as he imagined them together, their arms and legs entwined as they kissed. His eyes shut as he tried to control the building pressure within his loins. But, when his eyes were closed, his mind replayed their meeting a couple days ago — Stacy bent over, eating Kim’s pussy as he stood behind and fucked her.
He grunted audibly as Kim’s hand clasped his thigh. She stopped rubbing his leg with her foot and leaned in towards him. He opened his eyes and found her, the light from the candle casting her face in a warm amber glow and sinful shadow, as she intently watched the pleasurable anguish on his face.
Kim’s fingers splayed over his firm thigh as she stretched her hand up higher. She didn’t have to go far before the tips of her fingers were seared from the heat of his rigid cock as it strained within his pants. Her tongue slipped over her bottom lip as her eyes looked down toward his crotch.
Stacy laid her hand on his other knee, then firmly pressed into his muscled thigh as she slowly reached up.
Greg looked toward Stacy. Her eyes flickered red in the candlelight as her fingers neared the crease of his hip and then stopped. She dug her nails in and clawed him, like a feral animal, as she pulled her hand back down. A primal grunt shook within Greg’s chest. He gritted his teeth and leaned his head back, gripped the table’s edge in his hands, and flexed his hips toward the edge of his chair. Every muscle in his body tensed and surged with heat as he tried to control the animalistic urges twisting through him — wanting to fuck them. No, that isn’t right. I don’t want both of them…do I?
“Mmm…” Kim hummed as her fingers grasped the thick length of his cock and tugged it firmly toward her.
Stacy’s hand moved back up his leg to deftly undo his belt.
“What…right now…here?” Greg gasped between each deep breath as his wide eyes moved from Stacy to Kim. He wanted Kim. He wanted his girlfriend back. He didn’t need Stacy. Yeah, but fucking her was great…No!

“Of course,” Bret said as he leaned back in his chair and took a sip of his whiskey. “Don’t fight it. Enjoy it.”
Greg looked at Bret briefly and then quickly around the restaurant. They were in a dimly lit corner and nobody seemed to notice them.
“Don’t worry about them,” Bret continued. “They won’t even notice. And if they do, well, give them a good show.”
Greg’s attention was again on Stacy. In one fluid motion, she easily loosened his belt, unbuttoned him, and pulled his zipper down. Her hand felt cool to him as she reached in and pulled his cock free.
Kim leaned forward. With the fingers of her right hand, she pulled his attention back toward her.
“Do you want me?” Kim asked as she pushed her chair back and at an angle to face Greg. She leaned back, her ass slipped to the edge of her seat as the hem of her skirt was pulled up revealing an ample length of her thighs. Kim gripped his arm in her right hand as the fingers of her left hand slowly glanced along her inner thigh, inching closer to her heat. In the shadowed veil between her thighs, her fingers teased the wet, swollen lips of her pussy before she drove them in. Her breath caught in her chest and she gripped his wrist tighter, pulling him to her. Her eyelids narrowed as she looked at him lustfully, her fingers moving in and out of her tight cunt.
“I…” Greg tried to talk as he watched Kim.
After several slow, pinioning strokes, she pulled her fingers from her pussy and brought them to her mouth. Her fingers glistened with her juice in the soft light as her tongue twisted around them then disappeared as her lips fell over them and sucked.
Kim pulled the fingers from her puckered mouth. “Do you want…us?” The last word she spoke was laced with her heady need.
Greg grunted and shut his eyes tight as Stacy’s small fist wrapped around and slowly slid up his thickly veined girth. She squeezed tighter as she neared the thick, flared ridge of his glans. It swelled larger as blood surged into it as she squeezed. He grunted again, louder, in the intense pressure that was so painfully pleasurable.
“Do you mind,” Stacy started to say in a husky whisper as her hand eased its grip and slipped back down, “being shared between us?” Her fist continued to work up and down.

“Yes…” Greg said in a thick gasp of air that escaped his heaving chest. He opened his eyes and watched as Stacy jerked him off. He released a deep sigh as he succumbed to his base carnal desires. He looked over at Kim. “Yes…I want…both of you. I want to fuck you both!” he said through a clenched jaw as powerful surges of pleasurable heat pulsed through him with each of Stacy’s strokes.
As Greg finished speaking those words, Stacy quickly slipped under the table. She pushed the tablecloth up and over Greg’s jutting cock and started to jerk him more earnestly. In the darkness under the table, Stacy could just make out the creamy white precum that beaded up through his narrow slit. She pulled his cock down toward her panting mouth. With each of her strokes, the bead grew larger until it dangled from his engorged head by a thick strand of cum. Her tongue darted out and she lapped upwards, taking the strand of precum along her tongue as her lips enwrapped him.
“Fuck!” Greg grunted as his head fell back and hips flexed forward, an uncontrolled animalistic urge, attempting to drive his cock deeper into the wet mouth beneath the table.
Her lips locked around the pulsing tip of his cock, Stacy sucked deeply as the tip of her tongue lapped around him before seeking more of his cum deep within his narrow slit. She mewed hungrily as she dropped her mouth further down his shaft, driving his thick cock deeper within her throat.
Greg’s knuckles turned white as he powerfully gripped the corners of the table. His chest swelled and collapsed rapidly as he breathed, trying to fight the ravaging lust within him. He wanted to stand, overturn and throw the table from over Stacy. He wanted to grip her hair within his fists and impale her mouth again and again as he fucked her face.
Greg opened his eyes. He looked quickly around the restaurant. A few people, he noticed, looked toward their table. A few seemed to blush and quickly return their attention to their food. Some grinned as they watched and took a sip of their drinks. And some couples leaned their heads toward one another as they looked directly at Greg, whispered something to each other, then nodded and smiled at him.
What the fuck, Greg thought to himself, this can’t be real!

The noise of the restaurant and everyone in it seemed to fade as Greg’s attention again found Kim. Her fingers had returned to her pussy and were pummeling in and out at a faster pace. But now, Bret had moved his chair over next to her while she reclined slightly back against him. Bret’s left arm draped over Kim’s shoulders with his hand dipping underneath the top of her dress. His fingers kneaded her small tit before teasing the pebbled nipple between his thumb and index finger. Kim’s other hand attempted to wrap around his enormous cock, which jutted straight up through his opened pants, and jerked him off at a pace that matched her efforts. Her eyelids narrowed and she looked at him, with desirous eyes, through her thick lashes.
“Don’t worry about them, man,” Bret indicated with his glass toward everyone in the restaurant sitting behind himself and Kim. “Stacy’s mouth is fuck’n heaven, right?” He raised his glass in a solo toast, took a slug of his drink, and smiled at Greg. “And Kim’s a pretty good cock sucker, too.” Bret pulled his left hand out of Kim’s dress and raked his fingers through her hair at the back of her head. He gripped her thick mane of hair and turned her head toward and up to meet his lips as he bent his neck down to kiss her. Their tongues twisted together briefly as their lips parted. She then eagerly lowered her open mouth down to his cock.
Kim’s supple lips tenderly kissed, parted slightly as she licked lasciviously around his swollen crown, and then enclosed over him as she sucked. Her head rolled around the tip of his hard shaft as her right hand jerked the base of his cock. She pulled her mouth off him and repeated her ministrations. But this time her jaw strained open wider as she took him deeper into her mouth, her lips tight around him.
Bret looked down at the back of her head, gripped her hair tighter into his fist, and shoved her head down before easing up and letting her quickly take a breath. “More!” he commanded in a deep voice that reverberated from within his chest. He shoved her mouth down again, “Yes…deeper!” He let up then drove her mouth back down again, “Deeper!”
Kim gagged as his cock was thrust against the back of her throat but didn’t pull back. She relaxed her throat and managed to take him a bit deeper each time until she felt like she couldn’t possibly fit any more of him into her mouth. She purred in strained delight as his cock filled her throat.
Bret clenched his teeth together and grunted. The constricting heat of her mouth was too much. He threw his head back, “Fuck!” he gasped out loud.
Kim could feel Bret’s cock swell even larger, feel the powerful surge along the veins of his cock, as his climax neared. She pulled her dripping fingers from between the enflamed lips of her pussy and worked them in tight circles over her clit, furiously twisting around and over her hard nub.
Stacy pulled Greg’s balls free from his pants and firmly rolled them in the palm of one hand as her other hand jerked along the base of his cock, matching the movement of her mouth just above her fist.

Greg threw the tablecloth over his side of the table. He gripped Stacy’s hair in his left hand as his right hand gripped the seat of his chair. His eyes turned dark as he watched Stacy suck his cock with an almost maniacal, feverish need. “Oh…fuck…yes!” he grunted.
Wet, gagging sounds escaped between Stacy’s lips as she ceaselessly thrust her mouth over him; his cock jabbed the back of her throat repeatedly. A thick strand of spit fell from her chin. It pooled around the base of his cock and over his balls.
Greg shut his eyes tight, gripped the chair tighter, and let out a deep grunt as he felt the intense swelling of pressure build within him.
“We want your cum…” Stacy pulled her mouth off Greg’s cock and ran her tight fist along the slippery length of his cock in rapid, twisting strokes.
“…all over us!” Kim finished.
Greg opened his eyes. The table, somehow, was pushed back further away from him. Between his splayed knees, he found both Stacy and Kim kneeling and looking up at him with desperate eyes. The top of their dresses were pulled down exposing their tits. Stacy’s quivered as her hands continued to work his cock and balls while Kim cupped her subtle mounds, twisting and pulling her nipples as she leaned forward, mouth agape, and tongue lolling out in thirsty need.
“Fuck’n share all the cum, man!” Bret yelled as he raised his glass for another solo toast and fucked himself with the fist of his other hand.
“Cum all over their tits…Yeah!” Someone yelled out in the restaurant followed by a cacophony of other shouts and cheers.
“Give them what they want!”
“Save some for me!” He heard one woman yell out.
“What the fu…” Greg started to exclaim before he grunted and shut his eyes. His loins tightened and erupted with a euphoric release of rope after rope of thick cum.

Greg opened his eyes and stared up at the ceiling of his bedroom. His chest heaved as he tried to regain his breath. “Holy shit…” he muttered to himself. “Am I a teenager again? I can’t remember the last time I had a wet dream…Or any dream, for that matter, that was that intense before.”
He sat up and swung his legs over the side of the bed. He ran the fingers of one hand through his hair, sighed, pursed his lips, and nodded to himself.
He knew what he needed to do.


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