To consider buying a mermaid evening dress, you must also consider all of the stylistic variations. Each different type of mermaid dress offers its own benefits and will flatter different body shapes. There are lots of mermaid dresses for every taste .

A mermaid dress is also called a trumpet dress or a fit and flare dress. It is close-fitting until the knees where the skirt starts to flair out, creating the shape of a fishtail or a trumpet. The mermaid dress is a relatively modern design which is gaining popularity in the fashion world.

The mermaid style gown starts out at the top with a tapered waist and then tightens around the waist, hugging the body and flaring out at the bottom. Very much so like a ocean mythical mermaid, hence the fitting name for this fitting dress. The type of mermaid flare varies between how far from the hips to the bottom it flares out, but it is this design that women love because of its ability to bring out and accentuate her curves.

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Consider the variation of fabric, style and color

Flare height is a significant factor

Women who want to accentuate or create the illusion of an hourglass body shape will want to choose a dress that begins to flare just at the hips.

This height will also hide problem thighs and looks the most like a typical A-line gown.

Women that want to show off more of their body, including their backside, should choose a dress that is tight further down and begins to flare mid-thigh or lower.

Women that want a more traditional “mermaid” look should choose a flare that begins at the knee and has the effect of looking like a mermaid’s tail.

Flare Width Should Also Be Considered

The width of the flare can also vary greatly between styles of the dress. A slim flare will only widen a little more than an A-line skirt, and it will have a very subtle effect on the woman's shape. Most wider flares are achieved by layering tulle either under the dress fabric or alone, and so most tailors can reduce the volume of a skirt by removing some layers. A fuller flare, especially one that starts around the knee, will give an edgy look that will stand out.

Slaylebrity Daphne Joy lives this lace mermaid look

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