It’s the 1st Day of a new month…June & *an opportunity to take charge and command the new month/season, through Sacrifice*
I encourage you to sow in gratitude to God, And expect an abundance of rain in Jesus Name, Amen. Leviticus 26:4!
*As you obey, It will trigger a supernatural bountiful harvest*!

God knows what is in your hands! So the size of your sacrifice is measured by God! *What you have versus what you gave!*
May your sacrifice trigger, *A WHAT DO YOU WANT?* harvest, in Jesus Name!! [like God did, with Solomon, in;1st Kings 3:4-28]

We must not look like what we go through!
The Lord is opening us up for His future plans for us.

Joseph’s story is a powerful example of “All things working out for good”!

Joseph’s life was marked by:

– Betrayal by his brothers (Genesis 37:18-27)
– Slavery in Egypt (Genesis 39:1-20)
– False accusations and imprisonment (Genesis 39:7-20)
– Forgotten by those he helped (Genesis 40:23)

But God used these challenges to:

– Prepare Joseph for leadership (Genesis 41:39-40)
– Use his gifts to interpret dreams (Genesis 41:1-36)
– Save Egypt from famine (Genesis 41:53-57)
– Reunite him with his family (Genesis 42-45)
– Establish a safe haven for his people (Genesis 46:1-47:12)

Joseph’s story shows how God can take our darkest moments and use them for good, even when we can’t see it at the time. Joseph himself declared, “You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good” (Genesis 50:20).

His experience is a testament to the scripture “All things are working out for my good” and encourages us to trust God’s sovereign plan, even in the face of adversity.



I encourage you to sow in gratitude to God And expect an abundance of rain

Stay Blessed

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