This will be totally your scene promise!

I had Professor Frynk for Bio 101 during my freshman year at Tufts University. He was goofy and awkward, and I always had a bit of a crush on him. He literally taught me about the birds and the bees. Little did I know that five years later, I would be teaching him what that metaphor really means.
I’m leafing through a veterinary medicine book at a local bookstore café when I spot him through a shelf pretending not to be watching me.
“Professor Frynk?”
He squints as though he’s struggling to recognize me. “Tina Reynolds? Is that you?”
“Yes, it is. Good memory. How have you been?”
“Oh, not bad, not bad. Hanging in there.”
He actually looks pretty rough. Even back in the day, most people wouldn’t have considered him conventionally handsome, but we knew him to be an avid swimmer, so at least he was athletic. Now, he’s potbellied with a heavy brow and thinning gray hair. There’s loneliness in his eyes.
“So, are you still at Tufts?” I ask.
“Yes. As a matter of fact, I just got tenure.”
He’s holding a copy of Of Pandas and People, the unofficial Intelligent Design textbook. When he notices me looking at it, he quickly puts it back on the shelf.
“Congratulations! That’s awesome.”
“Thank you. I actually just found out this afternoon, so I’m still processing it.”
“Why aren’t you out celebrating with the rest of the department?”
He gazes bashfully down at his untied shoelaces. “That’s not really my scene. I’d rather just go home and hang out with my cats.”
“Oh, come on. This is a big deal. At least let me buy you a celebratory cup of coffee at the café before you go home to your cats.”
“That’s not necessary. Really.”
I put a hand on his shoulder, and he tenses up as though someone dumped a bucket of ice over his head.
“Seriously, Professor Frynk. I would’ve never gotten into veterinary school if it wasn’t for your letter of recommendation. Let me thank you properly.”
“I’m sure you would have done just fine without my letter. But if you insist… sure, I’d love a cup of coffee.”
We walk in awkward silence to the other end of the store where the café is located. They seat us in a dark, romantic corner. He puts on his reading glasses and buries his face in the laminated menu.
“Damn,” I say, looking at the back page. “They serve alcohol now.”
They don’t serve drinks per se, but there is a disclaimer by the rum raisin ice cream float. The rum doesn’t get cooked, and is therefore at full potency.
I grab Frynk’s hand. “We have to get this.”
A crease forms in his forehead. “Oh, I don’t know. I’m not much of a drinker. This will probably hit me pretty hard.”
“So let it. Come on, you just got freakin’ tenure. Let your hair down a little.”
He takes a breath and looks me in the eye for the first time. “Screw it, let’s do it. You only live once, right?”
The dessert turns out to be so good that we get a second order. And then a third. And maybe another one after that — I eventually lose count. In my college days, I could drink all of my boyfriends under the table, but I’ve gotten a little soft since then. I wouldn’t say I’m drunk, but I’m certainly not feeling any pain.
Professor Frynk is loosening up a bit, too.
“Thank you so much for this,” he says, holding my hand. “I really needed it. Professionally, things have been going well, but socially, I’m in a bit of a rut.”
I will take that to mean he’s single. Was he always? I can’t recall him ever mentioning a wife or family. Not that it would come up necessarily, but the only pictures he ever had in his office were of his cats.
“Well, you’re a fun guy to hang out with. You just need to step outside your comfort zone once in a while.”
“That’s not always easy for scientists. We don’t like unpredictable situations.”
“Well, maybe you just need a little bit of a nudge from an outside force.”
I slip my foot out of my sandal and begin rubbing his hairless calf with my bare toe. His eyes light up, but he doesn’t pull away.
“Oh, uh… your toe seems to be…”
“I can stop if it’s making you uncomfortable.”
“No, it’s fine.”
“Can I ask you a personal question, Professor Frynk?”
“Please call me John. You’re not my student anymore. Sure, ask away.”
“When was the last time you had a girlfriend, John?” I let my foot wander up his leg until it finds the warmth of his crotch.
He clears his throat and looks down into his empty bowl. “Well, I suppose… I suppose you’d have to go all the way back to fifth grade. Jeanne Turner. She had these extra-thick glasses and a mouth full of braces, and none of the other boys wanted anything to do with her. But she was nice. And she liked bugs.”
“So, you’ve never been in an adult relationship?”
He shakes his head.
“How about just, like, casual flings?”
He shakes his head again.
“So, you’ve never…”
“I’m like Steve Carell in that one movie,” he whispers. “Only I’m not quite 40 yet.”
“Was this a conscious choice?”
His hands are sweating. “Not exactly. In college, I was completely focused on my work. All of that stuff was happening around me, but I ignored it. I figured there’d be time for that later. And then there wasn’t. The more time passed, the more insecure I got about it and the fewer opportunities there were to do anything about it.”
“It’s never too late, John.”
He smiles. “Though I’ve never done it, I assume sex is like most other things in that competency takes practice. What woman my age would have the patience for such a novice? As a biology professor, I respect the urgency of a ticking biological clock.”
I bite my lip and bat my eyelashes. “What about a younger woman?”
“Maybe that works for a Leonardo DiCaprio or a Jack Nicholson, but come on. Look at me.”
“I am looking at you. And in case it isn’t obvious by my foot on your junk, I totally want to fuck.”
“That’s your foot? I thought I might be imagining things.”
“You haven’t had that much alcohol. Now what do you say we get out of here?”
He nods.
“Oh, waiter,” I say without breaking eye contact with John. “Check please.”
I’ve always wanted to say that.

It turns out the Tufts campus is closer than either of our apartments, so we head there. It’s dark, and the place is empty except for the cleaning crew. The moment we get inside his office, I close the door, pin him against the wall and shove my tongue into his mouth.
He’s trembling.
“Was that a bit much, John?”
He just stares at me with a slack jaw.
“I’m sorry; we can take it slow if you want.”
He nods.
I caress his face and kiss him softly until I feel him relax. Gently, I rub the outside of his slacks and feel him grow. Going slow isn’t going to be easy. Just the idea of being the first woman to see his cock makes me want to jump his bones.
“I used to fantasize about this,” I whisper. “You taking me in your office like this.”
“Uh-huh. I imagined coming in to talk about my grade. You’d put a hand on my shoulder and tell me I’d do better next time. Then one thing would lead to another and suddenly, you’d be consoling me with your cock.”
“I have a confession, too. I would sometimes come in here and masturbate before class just so I wouldn’t be staring at you the whole time.”
“That’s the sweetest thing anyone has ever said to me. Imagine if I had walked in on you while you were doing that?”
“I did, in fact, imagine that. It was part of the fantasy. The best part.”
While distracting him with conversation, I have been stealthily working to free his cock from his pants. I am now stroking him with both hands. Though his heart is pounding, he’s calm enough for me to proceed to the next step.
“Oh, my god John, your cock is huge. It is an absolute tragedy that you’ve kept it all bottled up this whole time. On the other hand, I’m flattered that I get to be the first woman to taste it.”
Dropping to my knees in front of him, I tease his glans with my tongue before taking him into my mouth. His chest expands as he takes in a deep breath. Slowly, I work my lips down to his base like a snake swallowing a slightly smaller snake. He runs his fingers through my hair as my head bobs up and down on his cock.
A dollop of pre-cum drips down the back of my throat, which tells me he needs a break. I stand and strip for him. He strokes his own cock as he takes in my thick ass and perky little tits. I take his hand and run his fingers over my pussy, allowing him to feel my wetness.
I would love to straddle his face and feel his warm tongue on my swollen clit, but there’s some truth to what he said earlier about practice. The idea of teaching him how to fuck turns me on, but eating pussy is a little too complex for a first lesson. We’ll stick with fingers for now.
I guide his middle finger into my hole and show him how to move it. I bring his other hand to my tit and show him how I like my nipples played with. He is a good student, and I reward him by rubbing his throbbing cock across my pussy lips.
“Are you ready to fuck me?” I ask.
He nods.
I can tell by how tight his balls are that he isn’t going to last long inside me, which means I have to be strategic. I have to savor each thrust of his fat virgin cock.
I sit on his desk and put one leg up, then pull him into me by his doughy haunches. With my pussy wide open, I steer him into me.
“Do you like how my pussy feels?”
“It’s amazing.”
“And so are you.”
After three pumps, he starts making his “O” face, so I pull him out of me and let him breathe. I stroke him loosely with a relaxed grip until he regains his composure. Then I put him back in. This time, I squeeze his ass to keep him still.
“Just let it simmer in there for a while. You don’t have to move.”
While holding him in place, I slip a hand between us and begin rubbing my own clit. An orgasm is a lot to ask of a virgin, which is why I will take care of my own. I stare into his eyes as I frig myself.
It wasn’t just his letter of recommendation that led to my success. His love of science and his passion for teaching inspired me to reach my full potential. Thinking about just how much he impacted my life is what finally puts me over the edge.
“Oh god, I’m cumming!”
He watches with the curiosity and fascination of a true scientist as my pussy erupts on his cock. I wrap my arms around him and absorb all of his warmth.
“And now it’s your turn. I know you’ve been holding back, trying not to cum, but it’s ok now. Just let it go.”
I release his ass and let him pound my pussy at his own pace. He lasts longer than I expect. I kiss him passionately as I feel the momentum build. Our faces remained joined until he finally explodes inside me.
“That’s it, cum for me! Fill my pussy with your hot seed!”
And what a big load it is. Thirty-eight years of pent-up sexual tension spills out of me onto the tile floor, flowing between my toes like white lava.
“What a day,” he says, giving me an affectionate squeeze. “I got tenure and lost my virginity.”
“You were an excellent teacher,” I say, licking some of his jizz off the back of my hand. “And now you’re an excellent student.”
“Will there be more lessons?” he asks.
“Of course. Your education has only just begun.”
While he’s grabbing some paper towels to clean up the mess, I stash my underwear in his desk drawer. Should someone else accidentally see it, they’ll know he’s no longer a virgin. This is my letter of recommendation.


Don’t worry your escapades are safe with us.








This will be totally your scene promise!

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