If you are looking to stand out at a formal event such as a wedding without looking like you are trying to be the bride then this look is for you.

So, if you’re looking to achieve a relaxed yet refined appearance, this set will be your perfect choice. Of course, to nail a casual yet formal outfit, there are several factors to consider, including colour, material, fit, and styling. Thankfully, slay my look has already taken care of all these aspects. All you need to do is purchase the set and you’ll soon be rocking a casual formal look with confidence and style.

Featuring A beautiful formal skirt paired with a gorgeous white crop top to play down the look a bit.

Size: Medium/ UK 8-10

Price: $993
Includes complimentary worldwide shipping.

Instructions to purchase
Click the link above, enter look 04-19 in search box to find the look. Click add to cart to purchase.

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I hate looking like I made too much of an effort

I hate looking like I made too much of an effort, I prefer the I woke up like this look

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