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*Curriculum Vitae**
**Prof. (Mrs.) Ifeoma Joy Okoye**, MBBS, FWACS, FMCR

**Personal Statement**

Prof. Okoye, a dedicated and seasoned professional, is currently a Professor of Radiology at the College of Medicine, University of Nigeria, Nsukka (Nsukka/University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital (UNTH), Ituku Ozalla, Enugu State). She has a distinguished history of contributions in the field of Radiology, being the pioneering resident to kick-start the residency program of the Radiology department in 1981.

She wears multiple hats: Editor for the West African Journal of Radiology (WAJR) and the Journal of Medical Women Association (J-MWAN), and served as the Head of Department for multiple tenures, showcasing her leadership skills. She has not only contributed to UNTH as a radiologist but also served the hospital and the College of Medicine in various capacities.

She significantly contributed by founding the UNTH Resource Foundation, attracting two container loads of medical equipment and consumables, essential for initiating the shift from the old site to the new one. She held the position of Dean (Clinical), Faculty of Medical Sciences And Dentistry, College of Medicine, University of Nigeria Nsukka, Enugu campus (1999-2002). In addition, she served as the first Advancement Officer for the College of Medicine, coordinating college alumni affairs and collaborations, and coordinated pivotal projects such as the VAMED project and the IAEA-sponsored initiative.

In her persistent quest for improvement and self-development, Prof. Okoye completed many ‘Clinical Attachments’ abroad. These experiences were instrumental in her learning process, both during her medical school days and as a part of ongoing professional development in radiology, clinical trial skills, and cancer advocacy.

**Clinical Attachments**

1. Two Months Rotation 1977, Middlesex Hospital, London -Gained experience while still studying in medical school.

2. Six Months Course in Ultrasonography – Furtherly developed her specialized radiological skills.

❖ Under Dr. David Cosgroove
❖ Royal Marsden Hospital, Fulham Road & Sutton Surrey, London
1) Two months attachment for Echocardiography
❖ Under the Pediatric Cardiologist, DR. RIGBY,1988
❖ Brompton Hospital, London
2) Update Ultrasound Course in Obstetrics and Gynecology, 1991 (Nov)
❖ Birmingham Maternity Hospital, Birmingham Britain
3) Informal Clinical Attachment in Radiology Department
❖ 3 weeks in 1995.
❖ Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC)
4) Mayday Hospital in Croydon, Surrey Britain
❖ A training Course in Computerized axial tomography
❖ 1997 (Feb.)
5) Informal Clinical Attachment in Radiology Department
❖ Howard University Hospital, Washington DC.
❖ 1 week in 2001
6) Cancer Imaging Course in London, Nov. 2001 by
❖ The International Cancer Imaging Society
7) Formal Clinical Attachment In MRI and CT
❖ Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh and Western General Hospital {July – Aug 2002}
During her career, Prof. Okoye has held several important roles and responsibilities. She has served as a Faculty Board Member and Examiner for the Nigerian Postgraduate Medical College of Radiology since 1994. Additionally, she has been a supervisor for the Master’s program at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka Postgraduate School since 1995.

Prof. Okoye has also been actively involved in mentoring and reviewing colleagues for readership and professorship positions in various universities across Nigeria. Her expertise and guidance have helped shape the careers of many aspiring radiologists.

In her efforts to build capacity and foster collaborations, Prof. Okoye has partnered with international organizations and institutions. She has worked with Hochschule Hannover – University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Roswell Park in Buffalo, MD Anderson Cancer Center, Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, University of Florida in Florida, and Weill Cornell in New York. Through these collaborations, she has contributed to the training and development of oncologists, radiologists, oncology nurses, and other healthcare professionals in areas such as advocacy, surgical and radiological interventional procedures, gynecological screening procedures, histopathology, and clinical trials.

In 2005, Prof. Okoye was promoted to the position of Professor of Radiology at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, College of Medicine, and University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital, Nsukka. She was also appointed as the Director of the University of Nigeria Center of Excellence for Clinical Trials (UNNCECT). In this role, she continues to contribute to research and clinical trials, focusing on various medical specialties including interventional radiology, breast, cervical, prostate, and lung cancers, as well as neurosciences, women’s health, anti-aging, lifestyle, and community advocacy and mobilization.

With a wealth of experience spanning over four decades, Prof. Okoye’s passion and dedication to her field continue to drive her to make significant contributions to radiology, healthcare, and medical education.

Throughout her career, she has prioritized addressing the unique challenges faced in resource-limited settings where she practices. As a dedicated radiologist, she has focused a significant portion of my work on women’s health, oncology, and building capacity for biomedical and clinical trial research. She has leveraged my experience gained from over 17 years of initiatives such as the Association for Good Clinical Practice in Nigeria (AGCPN) and the Breast Without Spot Cancer/NCD Initiative.

Her expertise in cross-sectional modalities, particularly ultrasound and CT, has been honed through various capacity building attachments and training programs. These experiences has enabled her to contribute significantly to the training of the next generation of radiologists and radiographers in Africa.

With over 43 years of experience as a physician, 33 years as a radiologist, and 18 years as a professor, she has utilized implementation science to focus on reducing mortality and morbidity in my LMIC setting. Her efforts have been centered around promoting early diagnosis, particularly in the field of women’s health, to combat the late presentation of patients. She believes that by improving early diagnosis, she can make significant strides in improving patient outcomes.

She is passionate about advocating for effective cancer control in Nigeria and has worked tirelessly to build capacity and establish ethical frameworks that will advance the development of clinical trials. By focusing on research and implementation, She aims to contribute to the overall improvement of healthcare in my community and beyond.

Her extensive experience, commitment to women’s health and oncology, and dedication to capacity building makes her a valuable asset in the field of radiology. She continuously seeks new opportunities to make a positive impact in the medical field, and she is excited to contribute to her expertise and skills to further advancements in healthcare.

Throughout her notable career, she has demonstrated a steadfast commitment to improving cancer care through various initiatives, including education, screening, vaccination, and innovative financing options for underprivileged patients. As the Founder and President of Breast without Spot Cancer/NCD NGO, she has successfully implemented programs to address the challenges faced by individuals with cancer.

Even during her medical student days, her fascination with cancer led her to actively engage in the Medical Women Association of Nigeria. Her dedication and passion for the cause propelled her to assume the presidency of the association in Anambra/Enugu State in 2002. During her two-year tenure, she established the esteemed “Well Women” center as a MWAN screening facility, which remains operational to this day at No 27 Abakiliki road, Enugu.

In 2008, she took a significant step forward by establishing Breast without Spot (BWS), a non-profit organization dedicated to implementing strategies aimed at eradicating late detection of cancer and other non-communicable diseases. Within this capacity, she has spearheaded initiatives encompassing health education, screening, vaccination, training, and research.

Her unwavering commitment to improving cancer care and her extensive experience in the field make her a valuable asset in the pursuit of a world free from the burdens of late cancer detection.

Furthermore, as part of her efforts with BWS, she introduced the groundbreaking International Cancer Week in Nigeria (ICW), which has now become an annual national event supported by the Federal Ministry of Health Cancer Control unit. This event serves as a platform for raising awareness and promoting cancer prevention and treatment in the country.

In 2015, she pioneered the annual “Nation-Wide Go Pink Day” in Nigeria, earning her the nickname “the Pinky Prof”. This event has become a powerful symbol of solidarity and support for those affected by breast cancer.

In collaboration with other stakeholders, she tirelessly advocated for the establishment of the Cancer Health Fund (CHF) by the Federal Government of Nigeria. The CHF was specifically created to assist indigent cancer patients in covering their medical expenses. Additionally, she played a crucial role in the establishment of the Nigerian Institute for Cancer Research and Treatment (NICRAT), further strengthening the country’s capacity for cancer prevention and treatment.

Through her leadership in these initiatives, she actively engaged in community, national, and institutional efforts for cancer control. Her dedication and expertise led her to represent the Nigerian government as a delegate to the United Nations High-Level Meeting on Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs). It was during this meeting that she led BWS in collecting the highest number of signatures worldwide, contributing to the declaration of NCDs as a global priority in 2011.

Her tireless efforts and impactful contributions have not only made crucial advancements in cancer control in Nigeria but have also positioned her as a respected figure both nationally and internationally in the fight against cancer and non-communicable diseases.

In 2006, she took another significant step in her commitment to improving healthcare in Nigeria by founding the Association for Good Clinical Practice in Nigeria (AGCPN). Through AGCPN, she initiated a Pan-African Clinical Trial Initiative called the African Clinical Trial Consortium (ACTC). This initiative aimed to promote high-quality clinical research and enhance collaboration among African countries in the field of clinical trials.

Her expertise and dedication also led her to serve as a technical advisor to numerous national and global organizations. This included chairing the Nigerian Clinical Trial Technical Working Group established by the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) from 2015. This role allowed her to contribute to the development of guidelines and regulations for clinical trials in Nigeria, ensuring ethical practices and patient safety.

At the first stakeholder meeting of AGCPN, held at the Sheraton Hotel & Towers in Abuja in October 2006, a wide range of influential stakeholders were present. Notable attendees included the Director of Research from the Federal Ministry of Health, representatives from the office of the Senate President, Chairman of both the Senate Committee on Health and the House Committee on Health, directors general of NAFDAC, NIPRD, NIMR, and NACA, representatives from the Nigerian Army, Ministry of Health of South Africa, international experts, and representatives from multiple tertiary health institutions. During this meeting, they made several recommendations to the Federal Ministry of Health, including the creation of a National Ethics Committee.

AGCPN, fueled by the strength of these recommendations, published its first publication titled “Promoting Health Research Capacity in Nigeria.” The publication was launched by Professor Ifeoma Okoye at the Association of Nigerian Physicians in America (ANPA) meeting in Newark, USA in 2007, where she was the Nwankwo Memorial Guest Lecturer. This publication served as a valuable resource in promoting ethical research practices and enhancing research capacity in Nigeria.

Through her initiatives with AGCPN and her influential contributions to the field of clinical trials, she has played a pivotal role in advancing health research capacity in Nigeria and promoting ethical practices in clinical trials. Her passion and dedication continue to have a significant impact on healthcare development in the country.

As the convener of the Nigerian Clinical Trial Summits, African Clinical Trial Summits, and the African Clinical Trial Consortium (ACTC), she has been instrumental in creating platforms for collaboration and knowledge sharing in the field of clinical trials.

Under the umbrella of AGCPN, she introduced the Nigerian Clinical Trial Summits in 2012, which continued until 2016. These summits provided a space for stakeholders to discuss and address the challenges and opportunities in clinical trials in Nigeria. Recognizing the need to broaden the scope and impact of these summits, they evolved into a Pan-African platform, leading to the 1st and 2nd All Africa Clinical Trial Summits. The inaugural summit took place in Lagos in 2017, followed by the second summit in Capetown, South Africa, in 2019.

During these summits, it became evident that African stakeholders were passionate about transforming Africa from passive recipients of innovations to active creators, producers, and exporters of affordable healthcare products. An important strategy discussed was the need to mentor African nations in establishing clinical trial units as a means to enhance clinical trial volume and research capacity. Recognizing the potential of this solution, she secured a six-month sponsorship from Phillips to develop a replicable model across Africa.

Believing that charity starts at home, she led advocacy efforts to the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Nigeria (UNN) during the tenure of VC Emeritus Professor Chuma Ozumba, to establish a model clinical trial unit. This led to the creation of the University of Nigeria Centre of Excellence for Clinical Trials (UNNCECT). Under her leadership, UNNCECT operates under the mentorship of the Clinical Research Center and Innovation at the University of Cape Town (CRC-UCT) and receives support from the Healthy Sunrise Foundation based in the USA.

Through her various initiatives and collaborations, she continues to drive innovation and capacity building in clinical trials not only in Nigeria but across the African continent. Her work is transforming Africa into a leading hub for clinical research and fostering self-sufficiency in healthcare innovation.

She utilized the enhanced skills and experiential exposure gained to increase my involvement in Residency Training. She took on the role of a mentor, providing guidance and orientation to new residents, helping them prepare for exams, and supervising their dissertations. In order to create an environment conducive to scholarly pursuits alongside clinical duties, she focused on upgrading the library and lecture room at the new UNTH site. Additionally, she established Consultant Units and designated Unit Days/Research Days for each unit, encouraging research and academic activities.

As the Editor of The West African Journal of Radiology, which held the distinction of being the only Radiology Journal in Sub-Saharan Africa and the second in the entire African region for several years, she prioritised nurturing a culture of research among her mentees in the field of Radiology. She encouraged them to present their research findings at conferences and publish scholarly scientific papers that underwent rigorous peer-review processes. Recognizing the value of international exposure, she also mentored them in utilizing their resources to attend prestigious conferences such as those organized by the West African College of Surgeons and the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA).

She consistently emphasized the importance of not only excelling as clinical Radiologists but also actively engaging in research endeavors. To instill this mindset, she assigned us various tasks relating to her own research topics, sparking our interest and igniting a passion for research. As a result, many of us have achieved significant milestones in our careers, with several becoming Professors, Reader/Associate Professors, and Senior Lecturers, actively involved in training and research endeavors both within Nigeria and abroad. We owe these achievements to the expert guidance and mentorship provided by Prof Ifeoma Okoye. She not only encouraged us to conduct research but also motivated us to present our findings at conferences, thereby facilitating knowledge-sharing and enhancing our professional growth.

o Member: National Cancer Control Steering /Implementation Committee
o Member Steering Committee of The Cancer Health Fund (CHF)
o Member: NIPRD National Scientific Advisory Committee on Verification of Covid -19 Claims
o Co-Lead/SAG Member: NCDC Covid 19 Research Consortium (NCRC)
• Co-Director, Bone Marrow Donor Registry, Nigeria (BMRN)
• Member, National Research Committee of the Nigerian Health Act 2017-
• Member, National Steering Committee for Cancer Control 2018-
• National Consultative Committee on Cancer Control (NCCCC) 2009-
• President, International Cancer Week in Nigeria 2009
• Board Member/Trustee: Pink Oak Cancer Trust 2011
• Board Member, BWS Cancer Patient’s Treatment Interventional
• Trustee: Association of Radiologists in Nigeria (ARIN) (Instrumental in Registering it into functionality
• Trustee: Breast Imaging Society of Nigeria (BISON)
• Trustee: Project Pink Blue
• Trustee O Board Member of Pink Oak Cancer Foundation
• Trustee Exercise Is Medicine (EIM)
• Several Humanitarian Service Awards from RotaryInternational, & more than 10 reputable organizations
• Member, Committee to develop a 5-year National Strategic Plan for Cancer Control in Nigeria
• Committee For The Special Thematic Working Group On Maternal, Neonatal, Children and Women Health (STWG—MNCWH)
• Member ‘Think Tank For Translating Research To Innovations, Strategies & Evidence For Policies”

Academic Achievements/ Awards/Professional Affiliations-Partnerships/Collaborations

• ASHOKA Fellowship & ASHOKA GLOBALIZER Fellow from 2009/2019
• Past African Observer and Non-Voting Member of UICC Board 2009- 2018
• Past Developer and African Coordinator, of Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) of Univ. Of Miami Appointment
• Member: Think Tank of ‘The Carnegie African Diaspora Fellowship project’ titled: Development of a Virtual Platform for Oncology Clinical Trials Infrastructure, Resources and Registry for Africa
• Visiting Professor: Hochschule Hannover – University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Hannover, Germany
• Co-ordinator Clinical Trials & Site Pi for CaPTC: Prostate Cancer Transatlantic Consortium (leveraged to coordinate/supervise, the 1st Oncology Focused Trial Registry on the African continent)
• Chairman, Strategic Committee for the Development of Radiological Services in the West African Sub-region- 2005-Date
• Member British Medical Ultrasound Society 1988 – date
• Member SCRA: The Stem Cell Registry Alliance
• OHRP (The Office for Human Research Protections)

• EDCTP (European and Developing Countries Clinical Trials Partnership-Grant yielded a book publication on health research Ethics).
• Pi/Co-Pi/Co-investigator of over 7 research studies


She has over 80 published papers in peer-reviewed journals, Author/Contributing Author of 7 books.(LIST:
• Co-Pi ICSBCS UNTH SITE: International Center For The Study Of Breast Cancer Subtypes, Weill Cornell
• UNN Site Pi of The National Cancer Institute’s Clinical Proteomic Tumor Analysis Consortium (CPTAC), iCarre & Vitamin D Study

She is happily married to Engr (Sir) Chris Okoye (FNHTE, FNCE, FASCE, FNSE FLOD, FAEng) and blessed with four children and three grandchildren.

Religious Activities
Living by Design Nation,
• Fellowship Pastor/Shepherd /GAD of the LBD Ministry & Provost, Parcels Academy of the LBD Institute |
Lady of the Knight of Good shepherd, Enugu Diocese, and one of the founders and trustee of an all female fellowship(Blossoms of The Vine -BVF)

A member of over 15 professional bodies including serving as:
Member & President of Association of Radiologists of West Africa,
President & Member, Medical Women Association of Nigeria, Enugu Chapter,
President & Member International Cancer Week in Nigeria

Medical Influencer

Community Engagement and Intervention have been at the forefront of my efforts, particularly in the areas of Preventive Education, Screening, Vaccination, and Cancer Patient’s Treatment Fund. Leveraging my role as a Professor/Consultant Radiologist and the platform provided by the Cancer NGO, Breast Without Spot (BWS), and its numerous daughter initiatives, I have actively sought out opportunities within my sphere of influence to initiate innovative and culturally sensitive strategies. The objective has been to address the concerning issue of late cancer detection, as well as the prevailing mindset of fear, denial, and the belief that “It’s Not My Portion,” with the ultimate goal of changing the narrative.

Through the BWS-NYSC CDS “Army of Advocates- Foot Soldiers for Change” structure, I recognized the potential to disseminate BWS Cancer Education Messages across the 774 Local Governments in Nigeria. Embracing this approach, BWS managed to reach 27 states over the course of the organization’s 16-year existence, utilizing specially developed toolkits.

The success of this “Foot-Soldier Model” garnered recognition from The Breast Health Global Initiative (BHGI). It provided me with the opportunity to gain global visibility through an accepted Poster Presentation, catching the attention of Dr. Julie Torrode, the Deputy Chief Executive of the UICC (Union for International Cancer Control). Subsequently, I was awarded a Travel Grant to the UICC Congress in Shenzhen, followed by another opportunity to share my model as a Template at Symposia organized to mentor other NGOs affiliated with the UICC. These experiences also paved the way for fruitful collaborations in cancer research, resulting in published papers in esteemed Peer-Reviewed Journals and successful grant applications. Noteworthy partners in these collaborations include Roswell Park Cancer Institute in Buffalo, Hochschule Hannover – University of Applied Sciences and Arts, CaPTC: Prostate Cancer Transatlantic Consortium, ICSBCS: International Center For The Study Of Breast Cancer Subtypes with Weill Cornell (formerly with Henry Ford), UCT-CRC: Clinical Research Centre of The University of Cape Town, and the Healthy Sunrise Foundation in the USA.

Additionally, I have been actively involved in creating screening recommendations for Nigeria through the UNTH Oncology Protocol, making significant contributions in the field of cancer prevention and control.

Notable major milestones and achievements

NIHR Global Health Policy and Systems Research (Global HPSR) – Development Awards. The project, titled “Identifying Research Priorities for Stroke Care in Nigeria: From Hyperacute Acute Management to ‘Life After Stroke’,” includes Professor Ifeoma Okoye from the University of Nigeria (UNN) as a Co-Investigator. She has collaborated with researchers from the University of Edinburgh, University of Ilorin, Stroke Action Nigeria, and Covenant University to develop this pre-proposal.

As a career Radiologist, Professor Ifeoma Okoye has dedicated a significant portion of her work to cancer and other non-communicable diseases (NCDs). She was among the first six Radiologists trained in Computer Axial Tomography in Nigeria under a Federal Government initiative. Consequently, she became the first Radiologist in our university to acquire and utilize CT scan and ultrasonography skills, as well as train a new generation of Radiologists in Africa. She further enhanced her expertise through short capacity-building attachments at prestigious institutions such as the Royal Marsden Hospital in Sutton Surrey, Brompton Hospital in London, Mayday Hospital (now Cromwell University Hospital) in South London, and the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary and Western General Hospital in Edinburgh.

In addition to her clinical work, Professor Ifeoma Okoye has also made significant contributions as an Examiner for The Nigerian Postgraduate Medical College since 1994. She has supervised numerous Residents’ Dissertations across the country and mentored Master’s Radiography students at the University of Nigeria’s Postgraduate School. Furthermore, she has held leadership roles as the President of the Association of Radiologists of West Africa (ARAWA) and was an Initiator and BOT Member of the Association of Radiologists in Nigeria (ARIN). For over 28 years, she has served as an Assistant Editor and Editor of “The West African Journal of Radiology,” which has been the only Radiology Journal in Sub-Saharan Africa for several years and the second in the African region.

Given Professor Ifeoma Okoye’s expertise and contributions in the field of Radiology, her involvement as a Co-Investigator in the proposed stroke care research project holds great promise.

The University of Nigeria acknowledges and commends Prof Ifeoma Okoye for her remarkable achievement as an academician. In addition to her academic pursuits, she has also devoted her time and expertise to volunteer work in the field of delivery/implementation science, specifically focusing on improving cancer and other non-communicable disease (NCD) control. Prof Okoye has been actively involved in various initiatives such as community advocacy, capacity building of healthcare providers, training of trainers (TOTs) to create a network of advocates, preventive education, screening, vaccination, influencing political will to drive policy changes, and creating innovative financing options for indigent cancer patients.

Through her leadership as the Founder and President of Breast without Spot Cancer/NCD NGO, Prof Okoye has successfully led major interventions at the community, national, and institutional levels. She also represented the Nigerian government as a delegate to the UN High-Level Meeting on NCDs and received recognition as the “Highest Signature Contributor” in the Union for International Cancer Control’s (UICC) campaign to make NCDs a global priority. She is a member of the Global NCD Alliance and the Nigerian NCD Alliance. Prof Okoye has served in numerous national government and institutional steering and implementation committees on health research and cancer. She holds positions such as non-voting member of the Board of UICC, member of the Board of Trustees for three prominent cancer and NCD organizations in Nigeria, and co-director of the Bone Marrow Donor’s Registry, Nigeria (BMRN). Additionally, she is the author of several books on breast cancer, diabetes, health research ethics, nuclear medicine, and more.

Prof Okoye’s research endeavors in the field of cancer encompass both biomedical and behavioral research. She has fostered collaborations with various global institutions, organizations, and consortia, serving as principal investigator (PI), co-PI, co-investigator, clinical coordinator, and principal coordinator. Her dedication and expertise in this field have been recognized with a recent certification in “The African Behavioral Research for Cancer Prevention and Control” (ABeR).

Professor Ifeoma Okoye is the esteemed Founding Director of the University Center for Clinical Trials (UNNCECT) at our university. Her dedication to enhancing Nigeria’s participation in global clinical trials has spanned over 14 years. Prof Okoye has spearheaded this initiative through various avenues, including her involvement with the Association for Good Clinical Practice in Nigeria (AGCPN), the AGCPN-Clinical Trial Africa Vision 2020 Initiative, and the African Clinical Trial Consortium (ACTC). These platforms have allowed her to advocate for capacity building not only in Nigeria but also across the African continent.

In her role as a Consultant to the Nigerian regulatory authority, NAFDAC, on clinical trials, Prof Okoye has closely collaborated with them in driving the advancement of clinical research. Additionally, she serves as the Chairman of the Nigerian Clinical Trial Technical Working Group. Currently, she is collaborating with the Clinical Research Center at the University of Cape Town and the Prostate Cancer Transatlantic Consortium (CaPTC) to further strengthen this continent-wide endeavor. One of the notable events she is involved in is the upcoming 2nd All Africa Clinical Trial Summit, scheduled to be held in Cape Town from 16th to 18th August 2019.

Prof Okoye’s efforts in building capacity for clinical trials have earned her recognition as a ‘Change Maker’ by Ashoka, leading to her designation as an Ashoka Fellow in 2008. She has also been bestowed the honor of being a Visiting Professor at the University of Applied Science & Arts, Hannover, Germany.

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