I like things steamy

Pete was my first real boyfriend, you know what I mean, don’t you? I mean I’d had sex before I met him at college. But he was the first long term relationship. We’d been going out for almost three years and I was nearly 23. That said, we weren’t having as much sex as I thought we would and it wasn’t quite as good as I hoped it might be after three years of getting to know each other. In fact I was starting to think about dumping Pete but last Saturday threw everything up in the air.
I had spent the Friday night at his place, well his parents’ place (Trevor and Mary, they’re really nice!). It’s more of a mansion really, with a fantastic heated pool. Pete and I were lounging around the pool on Saturday morning when Pete’s mum shouted that she needed a favour. It was Pete’s dad’s birthday in a couple of days and she needed a hand getting his present.
“Sorry Amy, I’ll try not to be too long. You just chill by the pool. We’ll be back by lunch…I hope!” Pete told me.
I waved him off and went back to reading my book. It was a bit steamy, lots of sex in it. I was almost finished but already it had given me some amazing dreams. Usually involving me being pleasured by an older, more experienced man. A real man, not a boy like Pete! A couple of times I’d woken up with my panties sodden and my heart racing.
Anyway I was lost in a particularly hot chapter when there was a big splash. Pete’s dad, Trevor, had just dived into the pool. It made me jump. Trevor surfaced at the pool edge in front of me and then deliberately splashed me. I managed to get the book out of the way but he still managed to soak my bikini top, well there wan’t that much of it to soak, but soak it he did. He grinned at me from the edge of the pool. When I saw his wicked grin I couldn’t help it but my nipples pebbled instantly and it was very obvious. I could see that Trevor had noticed, how could he not?
“Oh my god, I’m so sorry Amy. I didn’t mean to make you cold.” But that wasn’t it. It wasn’t water that was splashing on my perky tits, in my head, it was cum from the real man in my dreams.
“No, it’s OK. I’m not cold, that’s not it.” I blushed beetroot red.
“No?” queried Trevor. “What is it then?” He was looking at me quizzically.
“My mind was somewhere else, in this book.” I showed him the book and he pulled himself out of the water and came and stood by my lounger. He was in pretty good shape. Pete definitely took after his mum. His dad was much more hunky. He still looked pretty fit, good muscles and a nice broad torso, flat tummy, narrow hips. He took the book from me, quickly his eyebrows raised and then he laughed.
“Ah.” He smiled down at me. “Now I understand. But why are you reading this stuff. Is my son not enough for you?”
Before I could speak he continued. “He isn’t, is he?”
What should I say? I couldn’t help myself, I shook my head, embarrassed by the way the conversation was turning and embarrassed by the way my body was reacting to his presence, he was so close to me.
“I don’t think we have much of a future,” I added sadly.
“That would be a shame, you brighten up my days when you’re around, Amy.” He was standing right beside my lounger and his groin was at my eye level. I realised that he was getting aroused. It was much bigger than Pete’s.
“Really?” I bit my bottom lip and looked up at him. I could see from the fire in his eyes and the way his chest rose that he was attracted to me. So I reached up and cupped his cock and balls. He groaned in pleasure and did nothing to stop me. I swivelled around on the lounger and pulled his trunks down, releasing his big fat cock. It was my turn to groan. The thought of that inside me was making my pussy tingle. But for now, I wanted to taste him. I leant forward and kissed his glans; my lips barely managed to fit around his girth but I relaxed my jaw and soon I managed to get a good chunk of it into my mouth.
“Oh Amy, you don’t know how good that feels. But take care or you’ll make me cum.”
“Cum for me daddy, give me your sweet cream.” I was a bit shocked at my words but I concentrated on sucking as hard as I could and very soon I felt his hips bucking and he cried out and my mouth was filled with his love juice.
“Oh fuck, Amy! Sweet baby girl, that’s so good.” I felt five or six hot spurts hit my throat before he stopped. I pulled back slowly, sucking the last drips from him before showing him my open mouth. Then I swallowed and smiled up at him.
He stepped out of his trunks and swept me into his arms. He carried me into the house and upstairs into the master bedroom. He set me down and crushed me to him. We kissed for the first time and it felt so much better than when Pete kissed me. Then he kissed my neck and slowly down to my breasts. He unclipped my bra and let my tits fall out. I like my tits, they’re firm and full, with big areolae and very dark nipples.
He feasted on then, burying his face in my cleavage and tweaking my nipples until I gasped. He pushed me back on the bed and quickly pulled my bottoms off. My neatly trimmed bush was already glistening with my juices and with a cry of delight he buried his face in me. I felt his bristles on my thighs and his tongue was giving my pussy a fantastic workout. From poking it deep into my vagina to sliding it along my slit and twirling around my clit the effect on me was rapid. I felt my whole body start to shiver and then a dam burst open. I called out his name as my climax rippled through me.
“Wow!” he said. “I love it when you cum, Amy. I can’t wait to make you cum on my cock.”
And then he moved up to lie on me. I felt his fat cock throbbing against my tummy. He grabbed hold of it and rubbed it up and down my pussy, gradually coating himself in my juices. Then he positioned himself at my entrance.
“Are you OK with this, Amy?” He looked deep into my eyes.
“Oh god, yes daddy, give it to me, please.”
With that, he pressed forward, just enough for his head to stretch my pussy wide, much wider than Pete’s puny prick.
“All of it,” I begged him. “I want all of it!”
He pushed deeper into my core. My mouth was wide open as he filled me, stretched me, fucked me. This was amazing. When I felt his balls against my perineum I almost came there and then. I wrapped my arms around him and encouraged him to fuck me.
“Make me cum, daddy. Make me cum on that big fat cock of yours. Oh god this feels amazing. I never knew it could feel so good!”
Trevor smiled down at me and got into a fantastic slow but long rhythm.
“It’s the least you deserve, baby girl. This is all for you. I want you to enjoy yourself. I can keep this up for ages, even though your pussy feels exquisitely tight. I won’t cum until you tell me to.”
What a man! A real man! I let him take me to places I’d never been before. The feeling was incredible, my pussy was on fire and my whole body was tingling and then my whole world exploded.
“Ah, ah, ah, oh my god, fu-ck!” My vision blacked out briefly and I screamed, I mean really screamed, as the most powerful orgasm I’d ever experienced tore through my body. But Trevor just kept on at the same pace, allowing me to get the maximum pleasure. He smiled down at me and stroked my face gently.
“Ah, baby girl. You’re so sexy.”
“Oh my god, daddy, I want you to cum with me next time.”
“I’d like that.” Trevor began to increase the pace and I started to push my hips up to meet him. Soon we were both moaning and grunting. Our breathing was coming in gasps and I could see the sweat on his torso. I could feel it between our bodies. It felt good, really good.
“I’m getting close,” Trevor said, and I felt his cock getting even bigger and harder if that was possible. He started to bite one of my nipples and that sent me over the edge. I clamped my pussy muscles over his cock and squeezed really hard.
I felt him grasp my hips tightly and he suddenly jerked forward and a warm surge of hot man juice filled my pussy. That was it.
“Oh fuck, yes, yes, yes, YESSSS!” I climaxed again. We both did, together. We must have made a hell of a noise, he was moaning and cursing and I was howling and moaning.
He collapsed on top of me, spent. I held him tight, I loved the weight of his hot wet body on me. I loved the fact that I’d done this with him and that he’d clearly enjoyed it as much as I did.
I didn’t feel bad about Pete but I did feel slightly bad about his mum. Trevor seemed to sense this and he held my face in his hands and said, “Forget Pete, he’s not good enough for you. And don’t worry about Mary. We have an open marriage, in fact I’m sure she’d like to join in.”
He could clearly see the surprise in my face.
“Relax, baby girl, we’re all consenting adults here. You have to admit, it feels good, doesn’t it?”
I nodded. It felt fucking amazing! To hell with puny Pete, give me a real man!


Don’t worry your escapades are safe with us.








I like things steamy

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