The truth is, I don’t really know how it happened. Well, I do know how it happened, but not why. I have a confession to make I have a thing for CEOS!…..

You saunter into the office, your hips swaying with confidence. You’re used to turning heads, but today you have a specific target in mind. The ultimate CEO, your father’s boss’s boss, is in town and you’ve heard he’s even more attractive than his reputation suggests.

As you approach his office, you can feel your heart racing. You knock on the door and wait for a response. When you hear his deep voice invite you in, you take a deep breath and open the door.

He stands as you enter, a tall and handsome man in his prime. His eyes rake over your body, taking in every inch of your skintight dress. You can feel his gaze on your breasts, your waist, and your legs.

“Mr. CEO,” you begin, your voice sultry and confident. “I’m your biggest fan. I’ve heard so much about you and I just had to meet you in person.”

He raises an eyebrow, intrigued. “Is that so? And what have you heard about me?”

You take a step closer to him, your body mere inches from his. “I’ve heard that you’re a powerful man, with a charisma that’s impossible to resist. I’ve heard that you’re used to getting what you want, and that you always leave women wanting more.”

He smirks, his eyes darkening with desire. “And is that what you want, little jet set babe? To be left wanting more?”

You bite your lip, your pussy already wet with anticipation. “Maybe. But I think I can handle whatever you have to offer, Mr. CEO.”

He chuckles, his voice deep and throaty. “I like your confidence. But let me warn you, I don’t play games. If we start this, we’re going all the way.”

You nod, your heart racing with excitement. “I’m ready, Mr. CEO. Show me what you’ve got.”

He steps closer to you, his body towering over yours. His hands grip your waist, pulling you closer to him. You can feel his hard dick pressing against your thigh, and you can’t help but moan with desire.

He leans down, his lips brushing against yours. You part your lips, inviting him in. His tongue explores your mouth, tasting every inch of you. You can feel your pussy dripping with desire, your clit throbbing with need.

He breaks the kiss, leaving you breathless. “You’re even more beautiful than I imagined,” he growls, his hands roaming over your body.

You gasp as he cups your breasts, his thumbs rubbing your nipples through the thin fabric of your dress. You can feel them hardening under his touch, your pussy clenching with need.

He slides his hand down your body, his fingers tracing the curve of your hip. He hooks his fingers into the waistband of your dress, pulling it down to reveal your bare pussy.

You moan as he slides a finger inside you, his thumb rubbing your clit. You can feel your orgasm building, your body trembling with pleasure.

He pulls his finger out, his eyes dark with desire. “I want to taste you,” he growls, dropping to his knees in front of you.

You gasp as his tongue touches your clit, his fingers sliding inside you once again. He licks and sucks, his fingers moving in and out of you in a steady rhythm.

You can feel your orgasm building, your body trembling with pleasure. “Fuck, Mr. CEO,” you moan, your hands gripping his hair.

He looks up at you, his eyes dark with desire. “Come for me, little jet set babe,” he growls, his fingers and tongue working your pussy with expert skill.

You cry out as you come, your body trembling with pleasure. He licks and sucks, drawing out every last drop of your orgasm.

He stands up, his dick hard and ready. “Turn around,” he growls, his hands on your hips.

You do as he says, your heart racing with anticipation. He slides inside you, his dick filling you up completely.

He starts to move, his hips thrusting against yours. You can feel every inch of him, his dick hitting your G-spot with every thrust.

You moan, your hands gripping the desk in front of you. “Fuck, Mr. CEO,”

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I have a confession to make I have a thing for CEOS!

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