I am utterly disappointed and disgusted by the lack of professionalism and accountability showcased by Kenyan Airways. My recent experience flying with this airline has left me in a state of shock and disbelief. Let me share with you the harrowing events that took place during my journey from South Africa to Nigeria, and why you should think twice before booking a flight with this dreadful excuse of an airline.

Upon arrival in Nigeria, I discovered to my horror that my prized possessions had been stolen from my supposedly secure and locked suitcase. Despite taking all necessary precautions by using an iron-clad lock to protect my belongings, it seems that the thieves working for Kenyan Airways are skilled enough to bypass such security measures. The fact that someone was able to gain access to my luggage and steal my items without leaving a trace is a clear indication of the lack of oversight and negligence within the airline.

What is even more appalling is the manner in which the airline has handled my situation. Despite filing a complaint and providing all necessary evidence of the theft, I have been met with nothing but delays, excuses, and stonewalling tactics. It is clear to me that Kenyan Airways has no intention of taking responsibility for the actions of their dishonest employees or compensating me for the loss of my belongings.

The sheer audacity of Kenyan Airways to make the process of seeking compensation deliberately difficult is a slap in the face to every passenger who has put their trust in this airline. Instead of offering a swift and satisfactory resolution to the problem, the airline has chosen to bury their heads in the sand and hope that I will simply give up and go away. Well, I refuse to be silenced or brushed aside.

I implore anyone considering flying with Kenyan Airways to think twice before doing so. The lack of integrity and transparency displayed by this airline is truly alarming, and it is clear that they care more about protecting their bottom line than ensuring the safety and well-being of their passengers. Do not be fooled by their flashy advertisements or promises of exceptional service – the reality is far from it.

My experience with Kenyan Airways has left me feeling violated, frustrated, and utterly disappointed. I will not rest until I receive the compensation I deserve and until the airline takes responsibility for their actions. I refuse to let them get away with treating their passengers with such contempt and disregard.

To wrap this sordid affair up , beware of flying with Kenyan Airways. Your safety, security, and peace of mind are not guaranteed with this airline, and you may find yourself in a similar situation to mine – with your belongings stolen and your trust betrayed. Choose a reputable and trustworthy airline for your travels, and avoid the nightmare that is Kenyan Airways at all costs. Thank you for listening to my cautionary tale, and I hope that my words will serve as a warning to others.


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You should think twice before booking a flight with this dreadful excuse of an airline.

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