A MYSTERIOUS structure found buried ‘in Antarctica’ that measures more than 14 miles long and was discovered on Google has left people on the internet baffled.

Spotted on the Google Earth map, the white blur deep in the barren continent has provoked speculation it could be a secret research station hidden by a government or a UFO buried in the ice.
YouTube user Wowforreel has highlighted it in a video and shows how you can find it yourself on the web app Google Earth.
Describing the visual as a “patchy mass”, he says: “Antarctica is crawling with weirdness.”
He then points to the giant 14.5 miles by 4.5 miles area of bright white saying: “This thing is so huge you can’t miss it – not even from outer space.

“I’ve searched the entire continent and I couldn’t find anything quite like it.
“I thought maybe there’s a peculiar place in the images where there happens to be a gap, but I don’t think that’s the case.”
He points out brush-type movements over the mass which he says suggests someone is trying to cover something up.

He ponders if it is a research station before adding: “If this masking was removed would we seen the deck of a giant UFO mothership buried in ice?”

The video was put online in 2012 but a constant flow of comments continue as intrigued viewers try to figure out what it is.
One of them, Julie Haines said: “Have you noticed that there seems to be a trail behind said rectangular shape? Like its been dragged.”

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Would you go to Antarctica to try this?

Beautiful Antarctica

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This image was found on Google Earth in Antarctica creating mass speculation of what it could be

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