KHANN ver. HRS Sport is an exclusive limited series aerodynamic kit, which merges eye stunning design and strict aggressive shapes. The major component of the kit is the highly technological front bumper made of carbon, and limited to 25 kits in 2018. All the front bumpers are manually made by the KHANN masters.

This ultimate rad beasts was put up against the Toyota LC200 Khann HRS sport. Which has a New front bumper featuring an integrated radiator grill, thus allowing it to have dynamic lines and make your SUV look more agressive.

Checkout the video to see which beast won.

From $6500 +

To purchase any of the body kits contact Khann at +74956444151 or email Alexey Sagitov at

Flawlessly Athletic, Let the Ultimate Rad beasts compete!

Checkout which beast won

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