Welcome to the world of power and influence, where numbers do matter, but not the measly ones. Let’s begin this discussion with a clear, resounding statement: My influence is not for sale. But hypothetically, if it were? It wouldn’t be at a pitiful, lowballing amount. No, think Big. Think a billion dollars. Let that sink in. Billion with a ‘B,’ my friends.

Influence isn’t about flashy cars, designer wears, or jet-setting lifestyles. It’s far more profound and elusive. It’s about impacting lives, altering behaviors, driving social conversations, and manifesting visions into reality.

You see, my influence embodies a brand that’s been built over time, through hardship, sweat, and a relentless determination to excel at whatever I do. A brand that resonates with millions, has earned their trust, and commands their unflinching loyalty.

My influence, gentlemen, is not a commodity that you can acquire off a shelf. It’s a powerful vortex that pulls in the go-getters, the fire starters, the world changers. It’s an inextinguishable beacon for those who dare to dream, to strive, to conquer.

To many, this may sound arrogant. A billion dollars? For influence? But remember, we’re talking about an influence that can change hearts, minds, lives. An influence that can awaken the dormant, shake the placid, propel the passive.

Money can buy many things, cars, houses, luxurious holidays, even adoration to a certain extent. But influence? Authentic, profound influence is not for sale because it’s earned, not bought. It’s the reward of countless sleepless nights, unthinkable sacrifices, boundless courage, and unyielding conviction.

And most importantly, it’s not meant for those who gauge its worth in numbers alone. For influence, ladies and gentlemen, is so much more. It’s a cause. It’s an effect. It’s an echo that reverberates through time, transforming the fabric of society itself. And such power, such impact, does not come with a price tag. At least, not one less than a billion dollars.

So, to the moneybags looking to but influence, remember this – it ain’t cheap! Go big, aim high, and know your worth. Always. Now, step aside. The influential have got work to do! Queen Slay, signing off.

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My influence, ladies and gentlemen, is not a commodity that you can acquire off a shelf. Think a billion dollars

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