New York City’s Industry Kitchen is selling what is being called the world’s most expensive pizza pie at $250 per slice or $2,000 for the whole darn thing.
Why is it so expensive? For starters, the whole thing is made with flakes of 24-karat gold from Ecuador. It is also topped with white Stilton cheese imported from England, French foie gras, truffles, and Ossetra, a caviar from the Caspian Sea that generally costs $12,000 per kilogram.

“It is the epitome of decadence,” the restaurant’s chef, Braulio Bunay, told Town and Country Magazine. “The pizza is extremely rich—if you’re in the mood for a lavish meal, this is the pizza for you.”

Bunay said the pizza was inspired by the extreme wealth of Manhattan’s Financial District, where the restaurant is located.

By The Daily Meal

In the mood for lavish food, You?

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