When I was younger I loved adventure and I foolishly thought that being on a reality tv show would level up my life. Boy was I wrong.

The reality show taught me some incredible lessons which you will discover in the video.

Reality TV is the most embarrassing thing that the entertainment industry has ever produced.

Reality TV is a genre of television programming that presents supposedly unscripted real-life situations. With this type of show, there are no actors and everything is spontaneous. Reality TV shows often have a competitive aspect to them, where the participants are put in a situation and then compete with each other for prizes or some other kind of reward.

In reality TV, we see people who have everything – money, success, fame – but they still want more. They want to be richer and better than everyone else.

It is indeed not classy to potray yourself as a reality tv star it will not get you on the right scene.

If you already made the sad mistake of being on a reality tv show, well you already know now the error of your ways. Don’t let bad choices from your 20’s, or 30’s for that matter, define who you are in the present moment. Every day is a fresh start, another opportunity to be the best version of yourself.

Till the next slay time!

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A reality Tv show will actually downgrade your status

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