Zedsly is a popular Slaylebrity and Instagram Star with over 660,000 insta followers.

Zedsly is made a name for himself as a Sports car enthusiast, his insta account purges regularly stylish photos of expensive vehicles. He is also the proud owner of the high-end wheel manufacturing brand Z-Performance Wheels.

Other facts

Age: 31
Country of origin: Turkey

He began posting to Instagram in May 2016. He is dating model Noemi Demeter.


We don’t know for a fact how rich this Slaylebrity dude is but
He has a Lamborghini Huracan, a Mercedes-AMG C63s ED1 and a BMW X5 M.

Which usually (but not certainly) means there’s a lot of zeros in his bank account statements.

How many zeros should be in your bank account statement before you buy a Lamborghini?

Source: @zedsly

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