Zarinah Hassan, commonly known as Zari the Boss Lady or Zari Hassan is a Ugandan reality Slaylebrity Television personality, Entrepreneur,  influencer, philanthropist, and musician. She lives in South Africa where most of her businesses and home are located.

On social media she has over 7.7 million followers.


She enrolled at Jinja girls high School and upon completion moved to Kampala where she performed karaoke in hang-outs. Zari started singing at a tender age during her primary school days where she performed in musical concerts organized by her primary school staff, school’s end of the year functions and other community competitions.
While at Jinja girls high School, she joined the dance, drama and music groups which helped her score best actress for two consecutive years.  After years of brilliant stage performances and school concerts, she took a break after moving to London to focus on her studies where she acquired a diploma in cosmetology for two years.
In 2007 Zari recorded her first single, “oliwange” (you’re mine). The single was nominated for the Africa Channel O Awards in the category of Best East African video of the year in South Africa, Johannesburg. In 2009 Zari won the Diva Awards, Award of the year in the Diaspora category. The Boss Lady is an entrepreneur in South Africa where she owns a tertiary college and cosmetics shop while pursuing her music career.

Zari Hassan is 39 years as of 2020. She was born on the 23rd of September 1980 in Jinja, Uganda.

The Boss lady as she calls herself has a perfect body that you will fail to believe she gave birth to five children. You would mistake her for a model except for her height which is slightly lower than most models. Her hair is black and has dark brown eyes. Exact details of her height and weight are not available at the moment.

Zarinah was born to Nasur Hassan and Halima Hassan in Uganda Unfortunately, her mother passed on in July 2017 due to heart failure while receiving treatment at Nakasero Hospital in Uganda. She was raised alongside her four other siblings namely Zuleha Hassan, Asha Hassan, Zara Hassan, and Abdul Karim Hassan. The Boss lady is of mixed heritage; her maternal grandfather is of Indian descent, her maternal grandmother is Ugandan and her paternal grandmother comes from Burundi.

The Boss Lady is now married to Mr. M as she introduced him to his fans. She announced that she chose Nelson Mandela Day for her wedding day and it was only an invite-only event.

Zari Hassan Sons | Children

From her first marriage with the late Ivan Ssemwanga, The Ugandan native brought forth three boys namely Diddy, Quincy, and Pinto. Zari also took care of Ivan’s three other kids whom he had with his previous wife. After getting in a relationship with Diamond, who is nine years younger the duo had two children together. The first, Latifah Dangote, was born on 6th August 2015, and the second born is called Prince Nillan, who was born on 6th December 2016.


Zari Hassan and Ivan Ssemwanga

The Boss Lady hooked up with Ivan Ssemwanga and later got married to the tycoon in 2004. Notably, Zari’s ex-husband was very wealthy and was also a philanthropist. He would go great lengths to help the needy and even threw parties to raise funds for those who needed financial assistance. According to Zari, Ivan who was her husband for ten years and father to her three sons was obsessed with her, a trait that later escalated to abusive levels. In 2014, the Zarinah decided to walk out of the marriage that was, in her own words, abusive and toxic.
Supposedly, Ivan developed a habit of physically abusing her even in front of the children. According to the star, these abuses even happened in public places. When asked, Ssemwanga usually brushed off the claims, saying that his wife’s injuries resulted from a car crash. She further stated how hard she tried to mend the relationship with no avail. She was quick to note that her attempts to save the marriage were not because of Ivan Ssemwanga’s wealth, but for the sake of her children. Ultimately, she decided to call it quits.

Despite all the accusations and resultant divorce, it was still clear that Ssemwanga loved and treasured Zari. Even after breaking up, he still kept their photos and never removed them from the social media platforms. Ivan has never uploaded any photos of the women he hooked up with afterward.

Zari Hassan and Diamond Platnumz

After ending her relationship with Ivan, Zari moved on and later fell in love with Farouk Sempala, a basketballer. Their relationship did not last long as Farouk would later accuse the boss lady of aborting his children. According to the basketball player, this was the main reason for their breakup. Later on in December 2014, after Diamond Platnumz had just broken up with Tanzanian actress Wema Sepetu, a picture of Zari and Diamond being cozy with each other began making rounds on social media.
Diamond and Zarinah denied any possibility that they were dating, with Zari saying that they were just friends working on a music project. To date, their ‘project’ never came to life. Their relationship was confirmed several weeks later after The Boss Lady and Diamond attended the South Africa Channel O Video Music Awards together while holding hands at the red carpet.

Facts and Trivia

* Full Name: Zarinah Hassan
* Age/ How Old?: 39 years old
* Date of Birth: 23rd of September 1980
* Place of Birth: Jinja, Uganda
* Education‎: Jinja Girls High School
* Birthday: 23rd of September
* Nationality: Ugandan
* Father’s Name: Nasur Hassan
* Mother’s Name: Halima Hassan
* Siblings: Zuleha Hassan, Asha Hassan, Zara Hassan, and Abdul Karim Hassan
* Married?: No, was in a relationship with Diamond Platnumz
* Children/ Kids: Five children Diddy, Quincy, Pinto, Latifah Dangote, Prince Nillan
* Height/ How tall?: To be updated
* Profession: Businesswoman

Slaylebrity Net Worth Stats: $4.4 million.

The Boss Lady got the lion share of Ssemwanga(her late husband) wealth. Her share was at 50 percent, then 30 percent (for his children), and 10 percent (for his family) and the remainder of the wealth to his best friend.

Zari Hassan’s ex-husband is said to have collected over $187000 per month from his numerous businesses across the continent. If she was to get about 50 percent of that wealth as stipulated in the will of her ex-husband, Zari walks home with a total of $93,500 per month.

Zari Hassan’s worth has been placed at USD8.8 million. It is assumed that half of that wealth went straight to her account after his death.

Therefore Her net worth as of 2020 is estimated at $4.4 million.

Break down of Her Assets

A 5 Star Hotel
The businessman owned a huge 5 Star hotel in Nankulabye established at the Sir Apollo Kaggwa Road, an advanced online news outlet described. The name of the hotel was not provided in this article ‘due to security reasons’.

The Brooklyn Schools
Zari Hassan has a firm hand in the administration of the school’s network. She is the CEO and also seems to be performing an excellent job in the business.

Home in Waterkloof in SA
The boss lady, Zari, lives in South Africa in one of their homes in Waterkloof town. The house has a vast swimming pool.

Real Estate Company
It’s not apparent if the famous socialite turn businesswoman will also be running the extremely successful real estate business that was left behind by her ex-husband Ivan. The real estate company is one of the largest in South Africa.

Billionaire Toys
His fancy toys that incorporated a Lamborghini, Chrysler among may prestigious models were all left behind for the boss lady.

Zari Hassan Cars  

Mercedes Benz E 250 CDI
It is difficult to keep up with the spending spree of Zari, the boss lady. Even before you get used to one thing running, she has earned another. In September of 2017, she got herself a Mercedes Benz E 250 CDI for an evaluated price of Ksh 8 million.
Zari is also a brand ambassador for Mercedes car maker, a position that gives Zari Hassan wealth estimation to be beyond the vision of many. No wonder the socialite has acquired a taste for this series of luxury cars! Unlike her additional cars, Zari did not display the Mercedes ride on her social media pages like Instagram but then again almost everyone who is following the social trends that are around East Africa region knows her well and would quickly spot her riding in a car around town. This new car was spotted by one of her fans on snapchat, and now the entire world knows.

Audi Q7
Just a few months following her buying the Mercedes CDI, Zari Hassan purchased an Audi Q7. The ostentatious car with a great interior finish serves the expensive needs of the boss lady.

Range Rover Sport HSE
This is the newest addition to Zari’s fleet of cars, and it is worth over Ksh 6 million. On her social media column that she wrote to inject this beasty, Zari stressed the ability of women to make for themselves what they need. She goes on to state that this automobile has been her fantasy car for a long time now and she got it for her birthday party. Coincidentally, this new car joined her big fleet after Diamond Platinumz, her ex-husband, bought a new RAV4 for his ex-lover, Hamisa Mobetto.

The 2018 BMW X6 model is intended to create a fashion description wherever it travels. For Zari, this car is a much-wanted inclusion to her huge fleet because she not only likes the comfort that fine stuff has to provide but enjoys when her fancy lifestyle turns heads.

Zari Hassan Songs

* Oliwange
* Jukila
* Kagome
* Kikoona
* Hotter Than Them
* Falling In Love
* In Love With The Dance Floor

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