Timati is a popular Russian rap singer, graduate of the “Factory of Stars-4” project, music producer and entrepreneur. In 2014 Timati received the title of Honored Artist of the Chechen Republic.
Timur Ildarovich Yunusov was born to the family of a businessman on August 15, 1983 in Moscow. The famous rapper under the pseudonym Timati has Tatar and Jewish roots. Timur’s family was rich. But his father brought up the boy so that he knew how to achieve everything himself. Timati also has a younger brother, Artem, three and a half years younger than him.

In childhood Timati lived in Moscow on Mira Avenue. Since childhood Timati has been a creative and intelligent child. Then the parents decided to send him to study in a music school in violin. Timur devoted 4 years to the instrument.

After school Timati entered the Higher School of Economics in Moscow, having studied there for only six months. When the guy was 13 years old, he went to Los Angeles to study the culture of hip-hop. Sending the child to America, Timati’s father hoped that his son would show interest in studies. But expectations were not fulfilled. Timati left his studies and began attending nightclubs. The rapper firmly decided to join the ranks of show business, so on arrival in Moscow, he began working.

Firstly, Yunusov was engaged in breakdance, and then he organized a rap group “VIP77” with his friend. Such compositions of the duet as “Fiesta” and “I need only you” topped the domestic charts. In 2004, the group fell apart. A year later the group was on the stage again but with new members. However, this did not help the group to be on the same level, so in 2006 the guys finally completed the project. Some members of the band moved to Timati’s label “Black Star”.

“Star Factory-4”
In 2000 Timati made his debut on television in Decl’s video “Party”, who previously worked as a back-MC. In 4 years Timati along with his friends went for casting to the project “Star Factory”. Then the guys had the opportunity to study, record their songs and gradually became people’s favorites.

In the same period Timati created the group “Banda”. One of the members was Anastasia Kochetkova. Then none of the band members won the “Factory-4”, but the producers liked the talented guys. So they were given the opportunity to record a disc and make a video-clip “the Crying Heavens”. In 2005, the band released the album “New People”.

Black star
During this period Timati developed professionally. Then the guy opened the first night club “Black club”. In 2006 Timati released his first solo album “Black Star” and in the same year he organized the production center “Black Star inc”. After a while, Timati continued his solo career. Later, two of his friends, members of “the Band”, died in a car accident, and as a result the collective fell apart.

“Black Star” gradually became Timati’s brand. Under the same name, the musician has an official account in Instagram. The rapper verified the account, where he posts photos and videos from everyday life. He has more than 9.7 million followers. On this domain, the official web site of the artist is also registered.
The first solo concert of Timati was held in 2007 at the club “Heat”. In the same year joint tracks with FatJoe, Nox, Xzibit were recorded. Video clips for the song “Do not go crazy” with the sex symbol Victoria Bonia and the song “Dance” with Ksenia Sobchak were shot. In the same year Timati played one of the main roles in the film “Heat” and was the voice of the main character of the cartoon “Catch the Wave”.

Alena Shishkova and Timati met in 2012 on the set of the video clip. The couple began dating not immediately. Alena was a rather modest girl. Timur did his best in order to invite her on a date. Later, the lovers began to live together.
In 2014, Alena Shishkova and Timati gave birth to a girl Alisa. Timati’s daughter is blonde, like her mother, but looks very much like her dad. The rapper did not leave his girlfriend for a second during the childbirth and even cut the umbilical cord himself. There is no information of other children of the musician.

After some time, the couple broke up. Timati actively participates in the life of his daughter, and also supports Alena and gives his ex-wife expensive gifts. The couple has friendly relations.
After that in the media, information appeared about relations of the rapper with the model Anastasia Reshetova. Fans hope that this relationship will last longer than others, and the new lady will eventually become the wife of the rapper.

Timati as a Dad

Timati may very well be the worlds most patient Slaylebrity father.

It is common knowledge that children can be such a handful so that it takes the most patient of parents not to become frustrated at their misdeeds. But the question is how much can even the most patient ones take from a child?

3-year-old Alesya daughter of famous Russian rapper Timati just passed a strong message to her father telling him that with her, he should be ready to take as much mischief as possible.
The beautiful blond-haired girl who was on a sea vacation with him wore a white gown as well as a beautiful expression on her face as she watched her father talk on the phone with a receiver on the other end.
All at once, she wanted his attention and kept calling out for it. As much as she could, she screamed his name and prodded him while he sat on the deck of the ship they were cruising. Timati on the other hand was intent on completing his conversation with his caller.

He stretched forth his hand to ask his daughter who was standing by what she wanted and to hold on some more. Rather than listen to her father, Alesya took the expensive looking phone and threw it into the sea.
Of course, the well acclaimed rapper who is also a businessman looked stunned. Rising up from his seat in his T-shirt, pair of shorts and hat, Timati went to the rails to the ship to either steady himself or look at his phone which was gone for good.

Whatever the case, his reaction after the incident has left many stunned. Rather than breathe fire, Timati simply looked at his daughter who was chuckling and making funny faces. He then went back to the deck to sit down.

The thriving businessman however made sure to ask the growing kid why she did what she did. And to this, she simply said it was better that way.

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Timati with daughter and ex wife

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