If you’re an active Snapchat user, you must have heard of the name, Bobrisky, or at least seen a couple of his pictures.
Bobrisky is the male Barbie of Snapchat in the Nigerian sphere and also the most popular Nigerian on the social app.
Born as Okuneye Idris Olanrewaju, Bobrisky is obviously one of those children who grew up wanting to mimic the opposite sex but tried to contain that transformation until recently.

The popular Snapchat barbie was born in 1992 in Ebute Metta, Lagos where he attended secondary school at King’s College and graduated from Lagos State University.
Bobrisky has shared a photo of himself and his mother and fans expressed shock at the older woman’s beauty. His mother is fair in complexion and looks completely supportive of her son’s beauty business.

Prior to his complexion transformation, the Snapchat celebrity’s skin colour was just as dark as most Nigerians until he suddenly turns snow white – kudos to his bleaching cream expertise. According to him, it was a business strategy. This move immediately thrust him into the limelight via social media and he garnered both haters and admirers at the same time.

Bobrisky is a businessman from Ogun State, who now resides in Lekki, Lagos. He deals on whitening cream and plans to be a big competition of Dencia Whitenicious.
He does not care about the rumours about his sexuality or waste time firing back at critics and once posted on his Facebook page that as far as he is counting his millions and also helping people, paying his tithes to the Lord, he is totally fine.
Of course, everyone believes he is gay as he continues to mention his mysterious boyfriend who has been his sponsor. Bobrisky has been trending on Snapchat for months now and has nothing less than 22,000 views every day, especially with his fans always wanting to find out who the bae is.
His mystery bae, who he claims is Africa’s fourth richest man, reportedly gave him N7 million ($18,178) and a Benz. The girly guy posted pictures of the money after cashing it from the bank.

The mystery bae also plans to get Bobrisky a house next to Linda Ikeji at Banana Island. What a bae! Bobrisky is well-known as a fashionista, who likes to chat dirty and post raunchy kinds of stuff, nevertheless, his fans love him all the same. Needless to say, Bobrisky is in his mid-twenties and obviously gay.

Many believe he’s got all it takes to give Bisi Alimi – a popular Nigerian gay rights activist – a run for his money, because of his charming tone and complexion.

The social media drama queen bought a five-bedroom duplex in the Lekki peninsula area of Lagos State, early 2017 and held a housewarming party. He took to his Snapchat to show off the different sections of his house, revealing that it took him about N12 million ($32,878) to decorate/furnish the interior of the house.

On one occasion, Bobrisky self-declared his net worth; he boasts of having N40 million ($109,589) in two of his active bank accounts and still hustling to become a billionaire before the age of 30. He also said his cosmetic store is worth N30 million($82,192).
He berated haters for judging him despite the hardship he experienced before his millions started rolling in.
Just when one think people are getting fed up with news of Bobrisky, the guy continues to flaunt his good fortunes and his darling Snapchat is always his ally. Besides his businesses and social popularity, Bobrisky announced signing his first endorsement deal and landing a role in a Nollywood movie.
As one who courts controversy, it is most surprising how Bobrisky seems to get away it. Despite the fact that his homosexual innuendos do not align with the norm of the country, the acclaimed king of Snapchat has been a media sensation. His words and social media posts are extremely controversial.
He was once arrested by the Lagos State Police Command at Lekki shortly after he publicly announced he is gay. Although his apprehension points towards publicly identifying as homosexual, Bobrisky claimed he was actually arrested following a petition that was written against him by rival and entrepreneur, Toyin Lawani.

. The Nigerian male Barbie grew up in an ordinary average polygamous family. His father is married to three wives, and the celebrity is the youngest child.
. He started fending for himself when he turned 16 and as a child, his mother repeatedly beat him for his feminine inclinations. Bobrisky disclosed that his mother once hired hooligans for him.

. As for where he got funds for his business, Bob was once a choreographer, taught people dances and earned money on the side while in the University. He also attended various dance events.
. He also capitalised on his sense of fashion and got involved in buying and selling clothes.
. He would apply modest facial makeup in his years in the university and wear women’s attire and deceived men in clubs and bars, but always decline when an admirer expressed a desire for intimacy.
. He received the title of Best Dressed Male at his faculty and the University of Lagos and soon became the star of the campus.
. Part of his business strategy was to dress unusually to attract mostly female customers to his store.
. Taiwo Kola-Ogunlade, of Google’s Communications and Public Affairs Manager, Anglophone West Africa, disclosed that Bobrisky was the most searched individual from October 26 to November 2016.

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