Jiffpom is a Slaylebrity dog known as the fastest canine on two paws, famous for setting Guinness World Record and living the good life. For a petite doggie, Jiffpom is the most followed dog on social media with over 30 million fans including popular celebrities.
The Pomeranian LA-based dog is an actor, media personality, and a model who has set two records as the fastest dog and for walking on two legs – five meters on his front paws in just 7.76 seconds and 10 meters on his hind legs in 6.56 seconds.
There are so many amazing and hilarious facts about Jiffpom you wouldn’t want to miss. You’re probably wondering what’s so special about this award-winning dog? from before fame to his diet, Jiffpom is indeed a media sensation.

Jiffpom’s Age
Jiffpom was born on February 26, 2010, in Chicago, Illinois where he was raised until he moved to Los Angeles to bolster his aim to stardom just like his predecessor Boo ( March 16, 2006 – January 18, 2019). So Jiff Pom is currently 9 years.

Jiffpom Diet

Quite the cutest foodie on Instagram, Jiffpom is one of the few dogs you’ll see chomping away at human food. How often do you see a dog ordering special treats in a restaurant? Not often right? but Jiffpom is an exception. 
From healthy diet to junk, the Pomenarian is all mouth and stomach. Now don’t be alarmed, he doesn’t actually eat all the food you see in front of him. At least We hope not.  But he’s served with all kinds of fast food you can imagine – cheeseburger, pizza, Cinnabon, cupcakes, pies, pancakes, latte, doughnuts, veggies and what’s not…even eating ice cream on a skateboard!

Jiffpom’s Owner
We all, at some point, became curious about who the owner of the cutey Jiffpom could be. For so long his owners have chosen to remain anonymous in order to keep the focus on their Pomeranian celebrity.
However, he is escorted by an agent who looks after him and manages his social affairs.

Facts about the Famous Dog
The Chicago native moved to Los Angeles in 2013, from whence his march to stardom began. Jiffpom made his film debut on May 2013, portrayed as Felix, the kidnapped dog in Adventures of Bailey: A Night in Cowtown.
. He has featured in other movies such as Celebs React (2016) and Jacob Sartorius: Hit or Miss (2016).
. Jiffpom is credited with a number of awards and nominations including  Kids’ Choice Award for Favorite Instagram Pet (March 2018), Shorty Award for Best Animal and Radio Disney Music Award for Favorite Social Music Artist.
. Proof of his popularity includes being in advertisement campaigns for some top brands, including Banana Republic and Target. 
. To digest how big a deal the pooch is, Jiff Day was declared in LA by the City Council on August 20, 2014, in honor of the multi-talented dog.
. In May 2018, at the annual F8 conference, Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook co-founder invited JiffPom to the announcement of Instagram’s new augmented reality filters.
. Jiffpom is no stranger to spotlight or the millions of attention he’s been lavished with. He was featured in Katy Perry’s music video titled Dark Horse, in 2014.
. The Pomeranian who is described as a living, breathing cuddly toy has series of sponsored links and posts. As a model, Jiffpom often poses in clothes from fashion brands and advertises certain products on his social media page. He also has his own line of merchandise and Jiffmojis.
. During the 2017 Game Con in Germany, Jiff helped Entertainment Arts usher in its Sims 4: Cats and Dogs game.
. Jiffpom’s estimated earning per sponsored post is $17,500 as of the time he only had 3.6 million followers. Now he has over 9.6 million.
. His Instagram account features him alongside other celebrities, such as Ariana Grande, Zach Clayton and many others. Everybody literally wants to take photos with Jiffpom including you and I no doubt, which is not free since you will need a ticket to take a snap with this celebrity dog. 
. Jiffpom currently lives in Los Angeles where his celebrity status is managed as he remains an actor, influencer and a model with more than 30 million followers across social media. He has over 8 million followers on Instagram and entered the Guinness Book of World Records as the most followed animal on Instagram.

Estimated net worth $1-5 million , and yet he is still single! playa playa

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So you think you are a Slaylebrity?

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This cuddly pooch makes over $20000 per post on insta, how much do you make ?

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