28 year old Australian Born Gypsea Lust is a Slaylebrity with millions of social fans on social media sharing the most stunning travel chronicles

Gypsea lust is also famous for saying popular Slaylebrity Jack Morris.

Jack Morris and Lauren Bullen looked to be living a charmed life, earning a six-figure salary from Instagram.

The couple documented their travels online and used the profits to build a $1.2million Balinese mansion
But I’m April 2021 they shocked their legion of fans by announcing their split after five years together 
Jack, 30, revealed the pressure of capturing the perfect photo sucked the joy out of what he used to love
He said he spent years running around ‘without ever actually experiencing the beauty right in front of me’.

Within Two months of the break up Gypsea Lust wasted no time in moving on to a new Man known as French Surfer Liam.

Of course she was trolled mercilessly online for moving on so quick.

She clapped back with the following statement
‘If you think it’s too soon, that’s ok… But you have to realise you don’t fully understand what people have been going through prior to knowing about the breakup so you don’t have any place to tell someone when it is ok for them to love again,’ she said.
‘Yes in the beginning I tried to run or deny feeling this way about someone so soon but when someone comes into your life and makes you feel the way he made me feel then you better not run from it, I chose to embrace it and I’m so happy I did.
‘Also I’m not trying to “prove” to anyone that I’m happy, I just generally am, any of our friends that watched us fall in love are the first to have seen how genuinely happy we both are.’

She continued: ‘Jack you were the best thing to come into my life.. we had an instant and inseparable connection. I’m so proud of everything we achieved together it’s more than I could have ever imagined for my life, which I thank you for.
‘You pushed me to work harder and dream bigger and I was always so inspired by your dedication and determination to succeed.’
Lauren revealed the pair had spent the past few weeks in tears, opening up about troubles they had been hiding from one another and reminiscing on the past five years of ‘love, adventure and fun’ which ultimately led them to agree they should end their romantic relationship.

It] brought us both so much closure and understanding of why we couldn’t make it work as a couple any longer,’ she wrote.
‘Many of you have followed our full journey together but for sure it’s the moments no one else sees, just us being us and the Jack that only I really got to see, that’s what I’ll miss more than anything.’
Jack echoed his ex-love’s words, starting his post by saying: ‘It was a real difficult decision for both of us, but a decision we know is for the best.
‘I spent by far the best years of my life with this girl, and I’ll cherish those memories forever. It’s pretty rare to find someone you instantly click with, share the same dreams with, and then be fortunate enough to go out and take on the world together.’
The former carpet cleaner addressed Lauren directly, saying while it is difficult for him to understand why they grew apart, he will ‘always be there’ for her. 

‘I remember meeting you and feeling like I hit the jackpot, cuddling up during our first movie night in Fiji, the first time we held hands whilst walking in Sri Lanka, telling you I love you for the first time and you not hearing me… damn, where did the time go?’ he wrote.
Jack paid tribute to their time together, saying that despite the glamorous lifestyle they portray online, it’s the ‘little day by day moments that aren’t shared with the world’ that he will miss the most.
‘Who knows where this next chapter will take us, wherever it does, I’ll always be so thankful for the years we spent together, and for our friendship that we’ll always continue to share,’ he added.

The exes – who sell Lightroom presets which fans and fellow content creators can use to edit photos, as well as enjoying sponsorship deals with global brands such as Royal Caribbean Cruises, Disney, Air NZ, Airbnb and Tiffany & Co. –  ended their posts by promising to remain close friends and business partners. 

Whatever the case Gypsea Lust continues to live what appears to be an enviable jet set lifestyle on Social Media.

Recently Gypsea Lust shared one of the most incredible reels showcasing her visit to Forestis Dolomites In what looks to be their most expensive accommodation the penthouse which costs around $4310 per night!

Her life is no doubt seriously really covetable.

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Slaylebrity Networth Stats

Social Fans: 1.9 Million
EST Net Worth: $900k -$2 Million

Gypsea Lust on Breakup

Gypsea lust celebrating ex boyfriends 30th when they were still together

Gypsea Lust apartment

Is Gypsea lust a bully?








Source Daily Mail

Her life is no doubt seriously really covetable.

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Gypsea Lust With new French Boo Liam

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Gypsea Lust with Ex Slaylebrity Jack Morris

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