Slaylebrity diva 41 years old Diala Maki was Born in Iran and raised in Beirut.

Diala Makki began her successful journey as a host for a youth fashion program. Her talent, strong presence, and good looks caught the attention of Dubai TV, which drove her to move to the UAE in order to build her thriving career. Her interview with Leonardo DiCaprio on the red carpet paved her way to stardom. And the rest is history!

You have interviewed an array of celebrities; tell us a little bit about that.
I started in the industry over 15 years ago, before I even began my university studies. I hosted my first show at the age of 18, followed by a move to Dubai where I started on a show called ‘Studio 24.’ I interviewed everyone from Sharon Stone, Leonardo Di Caprio, George Clooney, Eva Longoria and directors from Brian de Palma to Quentin Tarantino. I then hosted Najm el Khalij for two years in addition to being one of Taratata’s hosts which gave me the chance to interview most Arab celebrities. Shortly after, I produced and hosted Fashion Diaries, which just ended its second season, and is in pre-production for its third year.

Did you ever get emotional at an Interview?
During interviews, I rarely cry or get that affectionate. It happened for the first time last year when I was doing a documentary about Elie Saab and he talked about Beirut, pre-war and now, and I couldn’t help but shed a tear or two. Recently, I met Fawaz Gruosi in his Geneva apartment and while he was telling me stories about his beginnings, and his family, he remembered his deceased son. We both cried and had to stop the interview for few minutes before being able to continue.
With a successful TV show and countless appearances and interviews, how do you find the time to maintain your flawless physique? Any tips you can give other woman?
I’m everything but flawless. I have insecurities just like any other woman maybe more due to the demanding industry I work in. It’s very hard to keep a proper workout regime when you live on a plane. I had the chance last year to visit a wellness spa in Spain called Sha Wellness and I must admit it did change a lot of my bad eating habits. In addition to being religious about my training sessions even when I am on business trips, my gym gear is always with me. My advice is to embrace your body and feel happy. There have been times when I had a super model body but I still didn’t find that satisfying. Today I’m shaped by my experiences and not by the way I look.
You cover all the major fashion and beauty events, how do you prepare for each event? Do you have a stylist who helps you decide what to wear?
I have always been my own stylist but I have had the support of major groups like Al Tayer, Ginza fashion and most of the high-end brands like Lanvin, Dior and many others, who have been supportive of me. Not to mention my dear friend Rami Al Ali who designs all the red carpet dresses for me.
Who would you say is your style icon?
I have had many style icons along the years and they keep changing. They range from Dubai socialites to stars and bloggers. I like the effortless beauty of Karolina Kurkova, the boyish style of Cara Delevingne and Kim Kardashian’s Balmain style. But the ultimate queen who never ever gets it wrong is JLO by far.

What is your typical workday outfit?
A simple dress by Chloe and some YSL tributes and maybe a pair of flats stashed in my bag. I’m lucky to be able to wear whatever I want since I don’t have a particular office dress code.
Do you have any signature style elements you wear regularly?
There are specific must haves in my closet; a little black dress, a few pairs of J Brand skinny jeans, my Balanciaga biker jacket and a few nude heels. Not to mention, my classic Chanel bags and Lady Dior.

What is your most cherished item? Something you may pass down to your children?
Jewelry is something I would pass on to my children particularly a vintage necklace that my grandfather gifted my grandmother on their wedding day. She gave it to me before she passed away.

What are some of your favorite coffee table books?
The little black jacket by Chanel and a few books about Bulgari jewelry.
Do you have a specific perfume you wear or do you change it up regularly?
Dior’s Bois d’Argent and Coco Mademoiselle.

What do you never leave home without?
My diary.
Could you tell us more about your latest collaboration with Roger Dubuis? What is your favorite watch from the collection presented during the SIHH?
At the SIHH this year, I am representing my collaboration with Roger Dubuis in the Middle East. It all started a few months ago when I produced a two-part documentary about the brand. I therefore spent a lot of time in the luxury brand’s workshops and especially with their Creative Director Alvaro Maggini who has a wonderful background in the field of Advertising and creates the most amazing campaigns. I also spent time with the CEO who in turn shed the light on Roger Dubuis’ success story, and brought upon the fact that this year also happens to be the 20th anniversary of the luxury house. Although Roger Dubuis is a very young brand, it is also the rebel child of Richemont, which explains its quest to always push its boundaries, to open up to creative ideas and to choose its very own direction. So this year will be dedicated to women and I will be representing the Roger Dubuis woman, who is extremely successful and a lover of beauty and fashion. But she is not only limited to looks as she also appreciates all technical innovations, movements and most certainly watches. The Roger Dubuis line of watches for women represents the one who stands out, who is independent and who is kind. She’s not one to let success mess with her integrity. The brand usually deals with women such as Daphne Guinness, holding a strong influence in the fashion world but not really “out there”. My work with Roger Dubuis will be mainly focused on women’s initiatives and most importantly their empowerment.
One of the watches that I loved most was the fruit of the collaboration they had with Maison Massaro, which represented a delightful mix between a fashion house -that has given so much to the world of couture -and the world of watchmaking.  In fact, the great thing about this year’s booth was its representation of Cannes, translated into twenty-four steps of success. It is quite easy to climb the success ladder but it’s that much harder the other way around.
Roger Dubuis is certainly about mixing the two worlds of Haute Couture and watchmaking. This explains why exclusively handpicked dresses of famous designers were sold at the event, such as Alexander McQueen and Maison Margiela designs. The brand is in fact very open to ideas, which fits well with our initiative to collaborate together. All I can say is that SIHH was just the beginning of a wonderful story!

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