*****The burnout reveal works best if your driver starts the burnout then accelerates forward over the bags*****

1. Gender Reveal Tire Burnout (multiple ways)
Pouring the powder on the ground will NOT produce a quality effect.

A: Place bags in the road and do a burnout over them while accelerating, each bag will pop with a burst of color.

B: Place 1 gender reveal powder bag approxmately 3 inches in front of each tire and have your driver initiate a burnout! The bags will burst with color!

C: Tape the gender reveal powder bags to your tires and have your driver initiate the burnout! We recommend 4 bags for this method; 2 bags per tire.

2. Car/Truck/Tractor/Motorcycle/GoKart Exhaust Gender Reveal

Exhaust: Cut the corner of each gender reveal powder bag and use a funnel to pack the powder into the exhaust for a great smoke effect!

3. Tannerite Gender Reveal – You will need to purchase the tannerite separately. We recommend and what has worked for others.

-You will typically need 1/4 – 1/2 of tannerite for every 1lb of gender reveal powder. Of course, the more powder and the more tannerite – the better.

-Do NOT mix the tannerite and powder together – this will cause the product to not explode – instead place the powder around or on top of the tannerite container inside of a box.

-Shoot your target for a great smoke bomb explosion!

Features & details
* ✔️FEATURES: The Pink and Blue color powder can be used for Gender Reveal Parties, tire burnouts, photo-shoots, car exhaust reveals and more. Vibrant Colors in easy to use packaging for fast and simple usage and can also be used for different games like school color war games. The pink and blue party powder is guaranteed to wow the crowd these are the most colorful powder packets.
* ✔️SAFE AND FULL OF FUN: The party color powders are skin safe and eco-friendly. The blue and pink powder is non-toxic which is easy to clean up and safe for all of your guests. Made from 100% FD&C and D&C approved dyes and cornstarch. Knowing this you can relax and have a worry-free fun time with your family and friends. Plus these premium colors make your announcement more epic!
* ✔️EASY TO CLEAN: Clean yourself funnily and easily like shake, bounce, dance, wiggle and blow off loose color from hair, skin, and clothes while it’s dry, then use a little shampoo and soap and you’re good to go. The Color Powders are safe for the environment and easy to clean up. Enjoy the party with your family and friends tension free.
* ✔️BONUS STICKERS: Buy now and you will receive a free complimentary, easy-to-use, and helpful Bonus Stickers! 20 for team Blue and 20 for team Pink! A total of 40 gender reveal stickers for your guests to wear at your gender reveal party!
* ✔️SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: The target is to satisfy customers to the fullest.

Price: $23


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Guaranteed to wow your guests

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