A better question would be what made her be so secretive. When she first came out she was an open book. We think when she got with Jay he convinced her to hold back on her personality and become private. She always claimed to be private, but she at least used to appear natural in interviews.

We think she started using social media in order to maintain control of her image. Instead of relying on blogs and gossip sites to put out pictures and stories, she puts out her own. Now, her fans and non-fans are more likely to go to her website, tumblr, or IG for updates and pictures.

Like with Coachella, she had her pics out before the news sites. With her vacations, she posts the pictures which look way better than grainy (and possibly unflattering) papparazi pictures.

Here’s what others have to say

I just think she’s fame-hungry and will do what it takes to stay in the limelight and be the center of attention. She’s someone whose had fame, attention and constant praise since her teen years, and I don’t think she can function without attention. She reveals herself to get attention, period. Madonna even commented back in the early 90’s when she was on top that applause & being on stage can be addicting. I think Rihanna and other successful female newer singers shifted her privacy strategy cause they started getting tons of attention. Beyoncé was used to being the only successful black female crossover pop star for a few years, but they snatched some of her limelight and I’m sure she didn’t like that, so now she’s revealing more to stay abreast with the Rihanna’s of the game. As far as her being more raunchy and singing about going down in a car and having stains on her shirt, I think she feels a need to compete with Rihanna because Rihanna’s so wildly raunchy in her videos and on twitter. And I’m no Rhianna fan cause she’s too wild for me. Once again, all about being number 1 and center of attention.

Juliette Hope

Applause & being on stage can be addicting.

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