We Nail’d it’s modern take on nail enhancements has taken social media by storm.

Gone are the days of rushed thick and obviously fake nail extensions. We Naild’ it have changed this with a hand-picked team of the very best highly-qualified nail artists that will give clients results that are second to none. Through their experience they have thoughtfully developed not only nail treatments and nail art but a modern and chic service for nail enhancements that will change the way you see nails, forever.


Sometimes the journey is as important as the destination and with this in mind we Nail’d it have a story to tell. At Nail’d it, their obsession for nail artistry is based on pure passion, through every step of the process. They aim to elevate every aspect of the experience for their customers as their vision for nails is so different from the rest. They believe it’s the experience that should be savored; the nails long adored. Nail services should be treated as no less ritualistic than any other beauty treatment. Their aim is to put them at the top of every girl’s list.
Founded by former fashion stylist Donna Johnson, Nail’d it launched in 2014 in a small boutique-style nail bar in the south west of London.
Just three years later they have opened a further five stores in some of London’s most prime locations; Oxford Circus, Chelsea, Battersea, Clapham and two pop-up stores in Richmond and Barnes.With a thoughtfully-designed collection of signature nail art, their creative nail artistry helps their style-savvy customers to navigate the latest catwalk trends and social media crazes.
They have a hand-picked team of the very best highly-qualified nail artists that will give clients results that are second to none. Through their experience they have thoughtfully developed not only nail treatments and nail art but a modern and chic service for nail enhancements that will change the way you see nails.

Useful tips
Estimated Budget: £10-£350
Time: 10 mins- 1:30

Hot concierge slay tip
We highly recommend the super luxury services

You might think of fine jewellery when you hear talk of 24-karat gold and diamonds, but not anymore! Thanks to the naild’it super-indulgent services menu you can extend the wearing of your precious metals, diamonds and gemstones to your fingertips. 
They have a luxe selection of treatments incorporating all of the above into what might be the most decadent mani or pedi you have ever seen. 
(Not to mention the ultimate content for your social media page to be the envy of your friends.)
Manicure & Pedicure £250
Pop the cork and celebrate your…hands and feet! There’s a new ingredient fighting age spots and exfoliating your hands and tootsies: Champagne!
Your feet will be soaked in a bath of fresh rose petals and minerals then showered with Laurent Perrier rose bubbles. You will have two nail technicians look after you simultaneously massaging in champagne oil (this is high in antioxidants, and it helps activate the grape peel scrub that will later be used), which makes the skin glow. The tiny bubbles in the champagne work as a natural exfoliant during the pedicure and also improve blood circulation.
This is then followed by grape seed scrub to exfoliate all the calluses and dead skin. Champagne oil (grape seed oil) is used for massaging the legs and feet after the regular routine of trimming cuticles and cleaning and shaping nails. The champagne oil massage hydrates the feet perfectly after the exfoliation. 
Why settle for regular pedicures when you can have the champagne of pedicures – quite literally!
Manicure & Pedicure £350
Experience the ultimate in luxury hand and foot skincare with a rejuvenating 24 karat gold mask that calms and soothes the complexion, restoring nutrients and radiance for glowing soft skin.
Give your skin a deep clean with a treatment that contains 24-karat gold to create a glowing, radiant complexion as well as delivering a huge range of skincare benefits.
This is the ultimate hydrating treatment; restoring vital moisture to leave your hands and feet not only feeling, but looking fantastic. Deeply nourishing, the formula stimulates cell renewal and boosts blood circulation to brighten the complexion and balance skin tone. Gold is known for slowing down the collagen depletion and increasing skin’s elasticity, while also stimulating the cells to make the skin feel firm and prevent premature ageing (including wrinkles) in the hands and feet.
Leave with healthy, purified skin that seems lit from within.
Manicure & Pedicure £250
Whether you prefer the warmth of a crackling fire or the refreshing tingle of winter’s frosty air Naild’ it have combined them together and created a sensation that is twice as nice and will literally blow you away.
Sit back, relax and watch the magic happen; soak your feet in a mix of minerals to hydrate the feet and a magical mist will appear with our secret ingredients . A bed of ice is placed at the bottom of your foot bath to help to boost blood circulation and then a warm and soothing mask is applied. This is the perfect treat for puffy skin or bloated feet. This treatment is fantastic to soften and brighten the skin.
The cold never bothered us anyway…


Call: +44 20 7692 8768

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We nail’d it london
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They certainly nail'd it!

Meet the founder: Donna Mihaylova

We nail’d it london

Want her look? White blazer suit: $2269 Wig: $5000 Contact sales@slaynetwork.co.uk or simply click the contact us icon on your screen to chat with concierge

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